10 responses on “11-Installing Shed Metal Roofing – How to Build a Generator Enclosure.wmv

  1. heettreet

    you did not show us what you did to seal the top end of the sheet if
    anything ,, water will surely get under the high ridges , also , there is
    no overhang on the lower side ,, like half inch or so ,,,,,,what’s up ????

  2. phogroian1

    looks good- did the the metal roof make the running unit noisier than if it
    were made of asphalt paper?

  3. Michael Francaviglia

    Thank you for the videos and for the informative commentary. I purchased
    the plans (somewhat lacking in details) and watched each of the eleven
    segments (about six times each). To my amazement I constructed the shed
    (and it looks like yours)! This is a major personal accomplishment. I was
    the kid in shop class whose instructor said “made the best firewood in the
    class” when describing my final project, a book case. Additionally, I
    learned a lot of tips from you. Your guidance was crucial.

  4. Bill McGonigle

    Thank you for the series. Very informative and the editing and subtitles
    are well-done too. I checked out your website and it gave me some good
    ideas. The sample plans look nice – I’ll be back for a few plans later this

  5. Jill H

    Would of liked to hear it! Volume is all the way up on both the video and
    my speakers and it still isn’t playing…