12 of 13 Sheet Metal Roofing – Wood truss building construction

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Installing galvalume metal roofing on a wood truss building. Slide panels up from the eve and drag them to the peak of the building. Measure the overhanging …

New Deck Defense™ underlayment’s durable synthetic construction provides an immediate line of defense—It acts as a secondary water-shedding barrier for your …
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4 responses on “12 of 13 Sheet Metal Roofing – Wood truss building construction

  1. secondghost

    Been roofing for 13 years now and I absolutely love your roofing products.
    We finally got a roofing supplier(MRC), in my city that sells Owens Corning
    and GAF about a year ago. I haven’t been back to Roofmart to deal with
    defective IKO products since. Thank your for making roofing materials.

  2. Cergio Castillo

    Yes, but the underlayment is just to protect you roof deck, but it doesn’t
    mean its waterproof.

  3. marz3335

    Hey roofers — Correct me if I’m wrong but by the time you buy #30 paper at
    17 bucks a roll and only 2 squares of coverage, you may as well get this
    because the price for it’s 10 square coverage is not that much more —