8 responses on “.223 Winchester 55gr FMJ vs Pork and Drywall

  1. cheturt

    Great video! I get a headache from people arguing about the ‘best’
    self-defense bullet, so thanks for posting this test; especially when its
    compared to the lightweight frangible rounds in your other video. One thing
    though, the military is using several different rounds now, with the army
    using m855 (or the new m855a) 62 gr green tip bullets. The 55 gr M193 has
    been opted out for some time.

  2. martialartist34

    exellent video but might i suggest something for a test? with the fears of
    an fmj going through someone and hitting someone else who might be an
    innocent, how bout doing 2 or 3 slabs the same size as the one featured
    here with a space of roughly 4 feet between them.no drywall between?

  3. jake davison

    5.45x39mm is better due to the fact that it was designed to have a hollow
    cavity inside the projectile so that when it impacted it would tumble dues
    to the fact it was unbalanced