5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Metal Roofing

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25 responses on “5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Metal Roofing

  1. enoxosr1

    I am quite sure that the screws should be placed on the ribs and not on the
    flat parts of the panels.

  2. 3865roofer

    #1 mistake not getting it straight from the start looks like crap if you
    have to trim the bottom over hang 

  3. Oscar Wilson

    The roofing material in video isn’t really suitable for roofing at all it’s
    fence material only.Legit roofing materials have NO screws through the
    bottom of the pan and are only screwed through top of corrugations or ribs
    to make sure the flat pans are hole free because that’s where all the roof
    water travels down towards gutters.Every screw in that video is a future
    leak and would earn you a public flogging in Australia and a hefty fine.

  4. David Larkin

    The best way to avoid common mistakes in any DIY project is to do a lot of
    research beforehand. Also, for bigger jobs, it would be best to consult
    with a professional first.

  5. AJ S

    You don’t screw through the flats, you screw through the ribs! WTF??? Less
    deformation, less back out from hot/cold cycle, less ripping through the
    panel when slab releases(snow). Don’t hang your panels over the edge cuz
    ice dams will just bend them over. You run the panel about 1/8″ above the
    eave trim and if youre’ too cheap to use eave trim then don’t put on a
    steel roof. Don’t use deck-tites cuz when slab releases its gonna rip that
    pipe right off the roof and then the customer is calling you about a leak.
    Everybody thinks that panel systems or so easy to install….they’re
    expensive and should be installed by professionals.

  6. Justin Crediblename

    mistake #1: using roofing that has exposed fasteners. Biggest mistake ever,
    guys. (no, I didn’t make that one).

    Curious: on my garden sheds, I put Klip-Rib 24 gauge. I let the fronts hang
    off by over a foot, and doubled the clips on the edge of the roof. I can
    easily stand and bounce on that section of unsupported roof. Why is that
    bad? Are you concerned about wind uplift? Get into some details, my man :)

  7. badass78ish

    “The correct way to fasten steel panels with nails is to drive the nail
    through the top of the rib so the washer is compressed securely
    against the metal. Nail placement must be in the ribs for roofing
    applications to minimize the potential for roof leaks. Over-driving the
    nail can split the washer and dimple the metal, causing leaks.

    Wood screws with combination metal and neoprene washers should be
    installed in the flat area of the panel adjacent to the ribs, and
    tightened such that the washer is compressed.
    This will ensure a lasting, leak-proof seal.” -adapted

  8. Cody Holloway

    Spot on directions. Nice job. I have and do install tons of metal roofs.
    The biggest things I do along with these is to lath the roof, not only to
    level but to make sure I know what i am screwing into. If you screw into a
    place where two pieces of plywood are connecting, you create a whole in
    your panel that you have to caulk. Lots of shortcuts can and are taken
    with roofs. Knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it is the
    biggest thing in my opinion.

  9. RoofLogic

    Great tips! Though there’s an inner handyman in all of us, roofing should
    still be done by professionals.

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  11. showelly1337

    the pitch of your roof is the only thing stopping leaks mate. Little gable
    houses and skillion sheds work ok with this method but if you want to keep
    water out of your home number one fault 95% of the time is: lack of
    weathering (bend the pan upwards) at the peak of the roof. You fail to show
    this. You noob. Screw through the rib ppl not the pan as shown. Just do it
    with love. Pre-drill the sheet in-situ if you have heavy shoulders but dont
    stab that pan. Dont kink those ribs either, bad bad.

  12. Chris Lutz

    Great points. Reducing the number of penetrations in your roof is always a
    good idea. One of the points I was trying to make in this video was that
    spending a bit more time on the details will save you big trouble in the
    long run.