7 responses on “_How to Install Drywall Corners – Saving Time

  1. Ibanez7400

    I love no coat. I have been using it for about 5 years mainly on inside
    angles 45 deg. ect… I don’t use it on outside corners but you can if you
    want.. just slower… What I love about the inside 45 deg angles you can
    coat both sides at same time since you don’t have to coat right to the
    corner.. just coat outside edge. comes in 100 foot rolls great for vaulted
    gable ceilings. or 45 deg coffer. It has a plastic core tapered for coating
    on just the edge. stays strait when folded. :)))

  2. philip anderson

    This is one product that actually works as well as the manufacturer says it
    does. Very few products live up to their own hype.

  3. InShatteredMolds

    i’ve heard about this stuff and i would love to see it on site, been doing
    this almost 9 years but on the easy coast, noone uses it. Is there a reason
    for that or what? cause this stuff seems a no brainer to use..