A beginner's guide to drills and bits

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Gold Jewelry Necklace with Golden Coins
Metal Studs
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Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. It is a yellow metallic transition metal . It has been around since the flow cultures (Near East from 3500 BC. To 800 BC). Greatly appreciated and is stainless, so gold is sometimes called "the king of metals".

Pure gold is one of the precious metals and is a dense but soft metal, slightly harder than zinc. Before it can be used must be purified and, for most purposes, the alloy to make. with other materials to make the harder The purity of gold jewelry is measured in carats , pure gold is 24 carats.

Gold has long been seen as a valuable metal. In Egyptian hieroglyphics from the 26th century BC. has been mention of gold as payment. Until about the mid- 20th century AD. gold was still widely used for coins

Metallic gold has a shiny yellow color. Very finely divided, the other colors like black or dark purple assume. Of all known metals which are solid at room temperature, it is gold, after the lead, to bend and deform. The easiest A block of 1 gram of gold can be crushed and rolled into a sheet gold leaf with an area of 1 square meter. Gold leaf can be glued on objects making them gilded. It is also possible to gold by means of electrolysis to be made.

Gold usually occurs as fine grains dispersed in a rock . In order to be visible to the naked eye, the ratio of gold in gold ore more than 30 mg / kg (30 ppm ) respectively. For most gold mines, this means that the gold in the ore is not visible.

On the international commodity markets, the gold price expressed in U.S. dollars per troy ounce , which is slightly more than 31.1 grams . In 1980, the gold price reached a record of $ 887 per troy ounce. In 2011, the gold price reached a new record of $ 1900 per troy ounce.

Gold coins are coins , which largely of gold there. They were once used as a means of payment and were mostly value coins are today but only for collectors (investors and bullion coin ) coined. The popularity of gold coins as an investment thanks also to their classification as investment gold, which is why the trade in them in the European Union, under certain conditions of the exempt VAT is.

The Persian Empire was considered the "gold kingdom." The various rulers as early as the sixth Century BC gold stater influence. Darius I was from 515 BC, increasingly, other coins ( Daric shape).

The Celts had a lot of gold from rivers and mountain ranges. They learned the stamping probably around 300 BC by the Greeks and developed their own coinage . The Celts in Bohemia probably coined gold coins from the 3rd Century BC . The western Celts (Gauls) have from 2 Century BC produced gold coins. Example, there were mints in Parisii . First nor Greek motifs were used. Later, simple motifs were minted, such as small crosses or dots that formed a circle. These coins were relatively small and often had a slightly curved edge.

By 225 BC, the first gold coins were in the Roman Empire defeated. The Romans took over the minting of the Greeks. Under Julius Caesar gold coins were increasingly influenced, among others, the Aureus . Since Emperor Augustus , the portrait of the emperor was beaten on the golden coins.

Gold coins were told by the progressive transition from bimetallism to the pure gold standard in the 19th Century until today the largest in the use of money in circulation. In the course of the historical gold standard, for example, were Goldmark , sovereigns , Vrenelis and other representatives of the Latin Monetary Union as a value coins put into circulation. Paper money could always be exchanged for gold coins.

Today gold coins are no longer used in payment transactions.

A golden necklace is a piece of jewelry . In its function as chain of office , however, she goes on the aesthetic value addition. It is around the neck and worn is usually a arts and crafts product.
A jewel necklaces are already in the Paleolithic occupied. There are different shapes and lengths. Short chains with a clasp provided so that they can be created or removed.

Golden necklaces are usually very elaborate and a product of the goldsmiths craft , while most textile or leather collars are not. A further difference is that the golden necklace is not for the BDSM be used (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission). Collars are used but also sometimes used synonymously for golden necklace, if the collar is studded with precious stones.

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A beginner's guide to drills and bits
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