A-Best Roofing Tips

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http://abestroofing.com/ A-Best Roofing has been offering a full-range of residential and commercial roofing solutions to its customers for over 20 years. Ou…
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4 responses on “A-Best Roofing Tips

  1. Jesse Boucher

    Dumb fucking Roofers you made a vid thatshows how not to nail on the NAIL
    line are you kidding me hey maybe just set them and let them seal fuck
    nails altogether and save some money. Like really you couldn’t nail the one
    shingle you filmed on the line.

  2. Brandon Pudwell

    this is horrible He missed the white nail line loacted direct center of the
    shingle . (strongest part of the shingle) prevents wind damage. Lines we’re
    not straight . He dropped that bundle on the roof.

  3. rooferpreston

    Wow, very interesting. Thanks for the info. For sure our whole community
    will be grateful with the tips you’ve shared.