A video explaining the merits of hook fixing natural roofing slate.

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A video explaining the merits of hook fixing natural roofing slate. Hook fixing is 25% to 50% faster than nailing, creates less waste and safe guards against…
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10 responses on “A video explaining the merits of hook fixing natural roofing slate.

  1. MrFlatroofer

    I have used over 30,000 slate hooks. Not one slate has come off. They are
    not a new idea, they have been used for over 100 years in Europe. They just
    can’t understand why the British use nails.

  2. freehandjunkie

    @franckmcc821 you use a wet line instead of a dry chalk line you’ll find
    if you strike out on a dry day, even when it rains the lines will stay on,
    use a red oaker dye, (liquid not powder)…….

  3. Matt Short

    Repairs may well be easier to carry out with hooks, but a slate that is
    broken would be hard to detect as the hook would hold it in position!

  4. frankmcc821

    as a roofer i like the slate hook but disagree its quicker, if the battens
    are full of nuts it won’t nail into the batten right and if you space the
    battens closer together for a better over-lap of slate the hook won’t work
    at all. Another problem is the use of the chalk line, in Ireland we never
    get to many dry days so the line will wash off the battens so the line of
    the slates will b off a bit not a big problem.But the hooks are great for
    holding lead round chimneys and fixing broken slates..

  5. SherwoodArrow

    Why is it someone always disagrees with a good idea, being a time saver, a
    money saver for the buyer and end wage payer, and why do these people
    ignore the fact most homes are demolished after 50 -70 years of use as
    unfit for habitation, Slates last 60- 70 years, any extra ‘life’ is a free
    bonus. Another bystander argument is the average house has 5 -9 owners, and
    none of them care a s*&^%4 about the roof or it’s appearance, until it
    leaks! I like your hook idea.

  6. freehandjunkie

    @frankmcc821when setting out a slate roof for hooks, allow 10mm on your
    batten guage,, when you come to slate, you will obviously strike out as you
    do normally for your perps (perpendiculars) but also mark down 10mm from
    the top of your batten and strike that, this line will be where you hook
    goes on each course, this makes sure the tails of the slate run nicely in
    line and square it takes a little bit longer but the prep work is worth it
    as it makes the overall job quicker and tidy

  7. dekonfrost7

    what about when depbris gets caught on the hook, also the fact that a 200
    hundred year roof with an exposed 100 year at best fastener….i disagree

  8. freehandjunkie

    @frankmcc821, as a roof slater for 15 years i really can’t see what you are
    trying to say as regards to the guage of the battens being close together,
    you would never set out a slate roof where the battens would be that close
    together, even on a 12 inch slate!! if that was the case its more likely
    the roof would be close boarded which in fact would make the job even
    quicker, as you wouldnt need to batten out, just strike lines straight onto
    the boards..