25 responses on “Amerigreen Construction Roofing After – Ohio Hail Storm

  1. sintetsu2

    85 sq in canada on that slope would pay a crew about $5000. i see six guys
    there, so almost a grand each. not bad! i work with one other guy, im not
    sure id like that many bodies on the roof lol


    Wow! You guys don’t mess about! Love this video,will be calling this number
    when needed for sure 🙂

  3. S7 (Sniping Division) Ended 2012'

    That was amazing! 4 real i have never seen a roofing crew like that & my
    dad has roofed 20 yrs.

  4. MrGermaniPro

    thats lots of work to do. really it’s such a tragedy all this things will
    happen . But there is a reason for all that.

  5. LunieeHD

    I think it’d be pretty fun being in a hail storm, anyways great video and
    the cleanup was fantastic lol 🙂