Apply plaster over interior concrete and or drywall

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Apply plaster over interior concrete and or drywall Howdy everyone, on this interior garage wall we show how to plaster over interior concrete and or drywall…

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  1. john cobb

    hi mate, ive sat and watched a whole load of your videos. im a plasterer
    from scotland and its good to get some other points of view on how
    plasterers operate, i will most definitley be trying out some of your tips
    and styles of plastering to see if i can incorperate them into my working
    day…keep up the good work my friend and keep the uploads coming….any
    good practical jokes to play on the new guys?…sick of slitting bags of
    finish when getting the new guy to lift them above his head 😀 

  2. Alexander Utevsky

    Great tips, thanks for posting. Can you recommend wall preparation for
    applying Diamond veneer plaster over bare sheet rock (taped and mudded)? I
    have removed wall paper, and need to skim coat the walls, but all the info
    I have found recommends blue board. I would prefer to not hang new
    wallboards. Should I skim coat w/ durabond, then finish coat with Diamond?
    I will probably be adding some sand for texture, in case that matters…

  3. bieske21

    why do you do this kind of job in multiple layers? takes al lot of time
    … here in holland i would do this in a single layer with gypsum plaster.
    we have got materials which work well up to 40-50 millimetres thick layers
    , just mix it a little stiff en you can do it in one layer…. rod it a
    couple of times and your wall is true and plumb . gr patrick

  4. mariano cruz

    hello kirk, where do you buy that kind materials? l live in NM and there is
    a home depot and Lowes here.

  5. brad goose

    Thanks Kirk, I appreciate the vids I have watched a ton of them. It’s
    really great to see a tradesman who takes a lot of pride in their work.
    Just some informative well done vids. I have been a trim carpenter in
    northern nj for the past 20 years and I like to think I take as much pride
    in my work as you do. Keep the vids coming!

  6. thathandydutchguy

    Hi Kirk,
    Thanks for your videos, they’re a wealth of information! I’m Dutch too, but
    have been working as a hands-on GC in Los Angeles for the past 8 years. I
    think Bieske21 is referring to one of the Knauf brand products which are
    very popular in North Western Europe. Here, on the West Coast of the US, I
    like the ‘One Pass’ compound made by Rapid Set. It’s a little more
    expensive, but ideal for smaller repair jobs. My question for you: does the
    concrete bonding agent that you apply function as a waterproofer between
    the concrete and mud as well? Keep ’em coming…I’ll see you on the next
    one 🙂

  7. fidodidojohn

    Thanks for all the great videos! What kind of plaster are you using? And
    where would I be able to get it?

  8. Kirk & Jason Giordano's DIY plastering and stucco network

    Good morning 24t68Jm1, any bonding agent that’s mixed in the material won’t
    work, ever in my opinion. A bonding agent t for plaster or stucco must
    always be applied to the wall. No Exceptions. Have a great day! And thanks
    for watching. Kirk Giordano Plastering

  9. Kirk & Jason Giordano's DIY plastering and stucco network

    Morning Kelly Krauth, If you use taping mud it will require many coats,
    however you wouldn’t need a bonding agent. I would use the bonding agent
    available where you purchase the fast patch drywall compound. I use west
    pac’s 20 minutes mud myself, if you need more time you can purchase 40, 60,
    or 90 minutes muds. If you can’t find west pac’s buy a different brand that
    is simular. Thank you for watching and have a great day! Kirk Giordano

  10. Kirk & Jason Giordano's DIY plastering and stucco network

    Hello ayomomamao, Thank you. Best wishes and thanks for watching Kirk
    Giordano plastering

  11. mjdmtlakes

    You guys are awesome — Thanks for showing the mix process. Question for
    you — Do you have to worry about the seams between the mud and sheet rock
    cracking in the future? This kind of situation comes up for me all the time
    as my house is a mish-mash of all kinds of wall materials.

  12. KellyKrauth

    Kirk, I have been watching a lot of your videos- loving them. Anyway, I
    have a home where the previous owners did a large thick texture on the
    drywall. I want to plaster over this. Is there a bonding agent for drywall
    and what plaster product would you recommend?

  13. Kirk & Jason Giordano's DIY plastering and stucco network

    Howdy lakes dude, thank you. If we were applying over sheetrock we would
    mesh all the joints but this did not require any mesh tape. Thanks for
    watching and have a good evening. Kirk Giordano plastering

  14. 24t68Jm1

    Great Job Capt. Kirk, as usual…….you make it look easy, for that Sika
    bonding agent, do you just mix it in the mud and how much do you use to say
    1 bag of the fast setting? Thanks Capt.

  15. Kirk & Jason Giordano's DIY plastering and stucco network

    Howdy Peter, thank you, I am asked this question often, Not really, it
    simply makes certain the plaster adheres. Have a good evening. Kirk
    Giordano plastering

  16. Kirk & Jason Giordano's DIY plastering and stucco network

    Howdy JM, I have seen over 20 homes where the color coat come off in
    sheets the first month after application from folks putting the bonding
    agent in the mix instead of going the extra mile and applying it on the
    surface. (Painted surfaces only) Fortunately I learned this fact when I
    worked as union plasterer; unfortunately, I have learned many things the
    hard way too. Have a great day and thanks for watching. Kirk Giordano

  17. 24t68Jm1

    I’ve actually read the Sika and Lanco labels and of course you’re 110%
    right, bonding agent IS applied to the surface I thought though you may
    have come up with some trade secret….thanks Capt., your Videos are great,
    well explained and informative, a true Professional