11 responses on “Apply Zinsser Gardz Primer/Sealer to New Drywall – Drywall repair and protection (Part 1)

  1. ljc325

    How do you prep the drywall for sealer? After sanding the drywall, do you
    need to brush off or wash off the plaster dust first?

  2. Britt Bratt

    I always go straight to your videos when I need to know how to do
    something! Thanks for the videos! Particularly THIS video. Question:

    1. At what point are you SUPPOSE to apply Gardz (to a damaged wall)? Before
    or after its smooth, or does it matter?
    2. Can I still sand and do touch ups with joint compound AFTER Gardz has
    already been applied?
    3. Gardz is water-based, can I use oil based primers? Does it matter what
    primer I use?

  3. HeinzP100

    Raises hand (oh,oh) I have a suggestion.
    How about using one of those foam type brushes tied to a yardstick to get
    behind the sink?

    I did that when I was redoing our bathroom, and it worked pretty well
    getting the paint behind the toilet without having to remove the tank.

    Thanks for another great video.

  4. Figgy Lubs

    Hi Russ, thanks for you videos, they are tremendous help, I had knockdown
    texture walls in bad condition, so I primed them with Zinsser Gardz, then I
    skim coated 3 coats of mud. There was moderate bubbling, but I sanded the
    best I could. Should I try and fill in all the pock holes? What is your
    opinion on high build primers. I do not know what primer to use. Thanks for
    your advice.

  5. TheFourOfNine

    Russ what can i use in the shower recess from the steam that drips down
    from the walls. The tiles isn’t the problem, its the walls, at the moment i
    use water and a brush to clean the walls. The paint in the bathroom isn’t a
    Matt Finish, the paint is gloss. What do you suggest, is there something i
    can use.

  6. RussOlinatzPaintShow

    Hey Everyone- This is a New Series…
    Apply Zinsser Gardz Sealer to New Drywall – Drywall repair and protection
    (Part 1)