Asphalt shingles roofing – how to install valley

0 Comment – learn how to install roofing shingles in the valley. Details for open valley, closed valley, woven shingles valley, and ope…
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25 responses on “Asphalt shingles roofing – how to install valley

  1. Don Fuller

    Yeah, this is great for people who know what “bridging”, and other terms
    known to people already with experience. Otherwise, it’s useless.

  2. iris jackson

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  3. paulpaulpaulpaul

    Started the valley wrong when you started laying the shingles. I never used
    a ounce of black tar in the valleys in my 20 some years of roofing. Before
    Ice shield came out we used 90# down the valley then the metal over it. Ice
    shield is some awesome stuff. 

  4. Cleveland Roofers

    I agree Johnny the valley should have the 1st shingle on the other side
    installed first. Very good point you made. I have seen it done wrong plenty
    of times.

  5. DelawareContractors

    I have certainly really like experiencing your own video concerning
    Roofing. I just recently started out in roofing and discovered your
    company’s remarks to be very very helpful. I look forward to observing more
    of your company’s video clips. Can I ask how long you have been in this
    type of industry?

  6. Johnny Hurst

    Close cut valley should have the the first shingle on the other side
    installed first. Oh and be sure to DRIVE your hookblade though the shingle
    and penetrate the shingle below.

  7. TheWaynelds

    How much does a bundle of asphalt shingles weigh? I’ve been helping my
    cousin with a few roofing jobs over the past few months and gettin those
    damn things up 2 or 3 storys on a wobbly ladder is a bitch. I’m a pretty
    small guy (5’10” and 155 lbs) but if they’re under 60lbs, i’ll feel pretty
    embarrassed for struggling so much to carry them up a ladder (with being
    afraid of hieghts as it is) Man, i need to hit the gym.

  8. tyb678

    weakest when you step on it is what he means. Note that “strength” does not
    equal “waterproof”. Please refrain from commenting unless you can actually
    think about what you are saying,

  9. Drooler56

    Is this the best guy you could find to do this video, I sure wouldn’t call
    him a roofer. Looks like rookies to me.

  10. James Senay

    This is a great video. Thank you for this good information. Valley work is
    not for the novice. Call in a professional roofer.

  11. Brandy Soles

    Look u can weave both 3tabs and archtect shingles and ur suppose cut the
    keyways out and lap with a 3 tab weaved valley so their are no key ways
    landing in the valley the only thing they did right was put water sheild

  12. truhrt

    For the closed cut valley they talk about weaving the first course of
    shingles. Yet when the actually lay the shingles the first course is cut
    and not woven. So much for GAF advising there customers the correct way to
    install for closed cut.