13 responses on “Blind Mark Drywall Tool

  1. sirsmokealot123123

    so slow and how many of these am i suppose to buy mark on floor measure up
    router and your done dont waste money with these

  2. billeybop

    How do you know if the magnet and the outer plates are lined up plush?
    Thanks for the review. I appreciate it!

  3. SkepticInTraining

    As a contractor, I would never use it. One more thing that I would have to
    store in my truck that I would have to locate. I have a tool that I have on
    my belt almost as soon as I arrive at the site, no matter the job – a tape
    measure. I suspect that 90% of people who buy this things use them once.
    After that they can’t locate them. Don’t waste your money. Learn how to use
    a tape!