21 responses on “Build a Closet – Hanging the Drywall

  1. gringo90100

    Damn. Some people posting bs if you don’t like don’t watch it stupida this
    guy is just trying to hel you you do whatever tha f579&$&& u want but don’t
    write shit!!

  2. dabdil

    okay, im a novice, but something isnt right the way this guy is doing the
    measuring and cutting of the plasterboard.

  3. Lauren Crooks

    I always screw in the drywall 🙂 It’s nice that people do these videos.
    Obviously there is a few things this guy is doing a bit wrong, but kudos
    for doing this series.

  4. cuttingman6969

    i hate when the blade doesn’t stay against the straight edge happens all
    the time to me LOL guess I lost my steady hand somewhere

  5. kgphoto

    Cut and install the inside so you can get them in first. Start with
    ceiling. Also, when doing the door use one piece and go over the whole top
    and cutout the opening. Putting a seam at the corner of the door will cause
    cracks later is is totally WRONG!. While I don’t recommend it, a 2×4 on
    flat is perfectly fine for the header for this none load bearing wall. I
    prefer to have more backing for trim.

  6. johninbmore

    Wow this is bad dude cant even rip a sheet n then laid the sheet on the
    floor lol what a joke get out of my trade man

  7. bigbuilder1986

    that was pain full. and who uses CM in the trade? and guys dont hold ur
    driver like that after 4-5 screws u will need a new bit in driver… 10/10
    for trying

  8. lotrfan81

    At least this guy took his time to show people the general idea on how to
    build a closet. The rest of you guys just sit back and post $hitty comments
    about how he’s doing it wrong. If you’re so bright, take some time to post
    a video on how to do it properly, otherwise STFU!

  9. mudanvayne martin

    i am sorry, i usually do not post negative comments but ive been in
    construction for a while now and that guy needs not to be putting these bad
    videos up and miss leading people!! thats not how you frame and thats not
    how you hang dry wall…

  10. Joeysdaman

    DO NOT TRUST what this guys says. Thanks ‘richiec522’ for pointing out to
    everyone that you DO need a header above EVERY doorway, windows and/or
    opening, not just a 2×4 on it’s side. A REAL professional could’ve had the
    piece cut, hung and explained in the time it took this moron to measure it
    out. ALSO a REAL drywall gun is MUCH easier or if you’re on a budget buy a
    countersink adapter for a regular drill gun for like $5 from your local
    hardware store.