25 responses on “Ceiling Creations. The Amazing (& Beautiful) 3D Effect Drywall Texture OysterShell Comb Finish

  1. alfredo martinez allende

    hello here as I get the combs in mexico everything you use for these
    wonders Asher q acer tusolo saves as I get that type of material should I
    use for pasta Asher

  2. indyme2

    Dale I love your video. you are the man. I need your help. I’m ready
    to texture my ceiling. I really want the texture look you had when were
    just rolling on the mud. What roller nap are you using and the brand? What
    brand of mud? Thanks, Tena

  3. scotishcovenanters

    You are an artist! My! It’s gorgeous. You bring beauty that will last more
    than a lifetime for people. Thanks for posting.

  4. kimoskin

    I’ve just have to scrape this shit off after previous residents. It was a
    nightmare, dont know who wonts some fans on the ceiling these days.

  5. Dale Ovenstone

    Hi Michelle. To begin, you always start off in the far corner of the
    ceiling, right against the back wall (or the wall nearest the door) all is
    explained in my book and video package. Depending if you use your left hand
    or right hand for patterning, determines which corner exactly you should
    start from. Keep practicing. Any more info just give me a shout, glad to
    help out. Regards Dale

  6. Dale Ovenstone

    @mario177 Thank you Mario, not every ones taste but that’s what’s great
    about life, choices. Regards Dale

  7. mona williams

    hello, i just wanted to say that i love your work, I have watched your
    video many times, I am buying a 250 year old house that the previous owner
    gutted and decides was to much work to put back together. I am hoping to
    try some of your tecniques and try to put a little bit of style back into
    this old colonial. you really do very beutiful work.

  8. Dale Ovenstone

    Thank you Teri, for your comments, especially ‘the haters’ lol, these folk
    just make me laugh I love them all because when their taking the time
    hating on my videos, they ain’t hating on others!

  9. Dale Ovenstone

    @bayview63 Hi bayview63 to read more about or to purchase combs go to my
    website & follow the link from there, there are two sets of 3 combs to
    choose from which can be shipped anywhere in the world

  10. Dale Ovenstone

    @yawroc Thank you for your comment. Yes absolutely true, as with anything
    interesting to the individual, ractice makes perfect. Regards Dale

  11. Dale Ovenstone

    @soulessdelu Ok, here’s the deal, why not do what my other satisfied
    customers did to learn how to do this, & get your own DVD/E-book drywall
    texturing art & effects course from my website diy-ceiling-wall-texture com
    Then you will lose no more nights of sleep lol. Thanks for commenting.
    Regards Dale