Ceiling drywall install with lift by Laurier Desormeaux

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You will see me use a drywall lift to install a 4’x12′ sheet of drywall on the ceiling. This drywall lift allows me to make this a one person job.
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25 responses on “Ceiling drywall install with lift by Laurier Desormeaux

  1. Woodyminator

    thats how professionals work what do you think to use an extension for your
    drill to avoid stretching your body too much all the best for the us soccer
    team against belgium best regards from germany

  2. D Casserly

    Probably the angle, but some of those screws in the centre don’t look like
    they’re hitting the joists…. Good video. Thanks.

  3. Alan Young

    This IS an absolutely amazing invention. The inventor is an American and is
    the original manufacturer- from Grand Forks North Dakota-Still making the
    Best in the industry. Telpro Inc. 


    Can you explain the technique you used to cut the drywall using your tape
    measure instead of a t square?

  5. AllMyDirtyFriends

    What brand & where did you purchase your drywall hoist? Looking for one
    locally and trying to choose between Harbor Freight and Northern Tool. Both
    under $200.

  6. Laurier Desormeaux

    You are so right. It does take a lot of practice to move that quickly. Take
    your time and do it right.

  7. jingscrivvensbob

    Laurier: A few days ago I asked you a question about the specific make of
    plaster of Paris you use. Your answer wasn’t satisfactory but I’m pretty
    sure the communication difficulty was my fault. Sorry about that. I’m
    thinking of going for Sheetrock setting type 90 minute compound because I
    kind of get the impression that it’ll be kind of similar to the plaster
    that I used to use in Scotland. I’d be interested to hear any thoughts you
    might have regarding sheetrock 90 if you’ve previously used it

  8. Laurier Desormeaux

    The mesh tape is good in that the mud passes right trough it. You don’t get
    bubbles like you do when you don’t have enough mud behind paper tape to
    glue it down.It’s up to you to use what is comfortable for you.

  9. Thomas Walker

    Thank You Laurier! I liked the extra tip in holding the screw gun more in
    the palm of the hand w/. pressure and balance directed towards the screw w/
    you drive it in place to keep screw straight . Can you use the 11′ lift on
    a cathedral type ceiling that that goes from apx. 11′ center of room to apx
    13′ on high end. Do you have a video on drywall for cathedral ceiling’s ?
    What brand/& apx. cost of lift do you use ? thank you in advance

  10. Laurier Desormeaux

    You tend to carve a groove into the existing corner? It is tricky but I
    don’t know how to make it easier for you. Try to square up the 4″ knife to
    the opposite wall where the overflow happens. I hope that everything I put
    on you-tube helps you in some way.

  11. Laurier Desormeaux

    I would like to see a video of what is causing you problems. Hopefully I
    can try to find an easier way for you to do your inside corners.

  12. Laurier Desormeaux

    Thank you. I like hearing from other pro tapers. I do have a mixer and I do
    at times mix my mud or like you said take a 4″ knife and mix the top 2″ or
    3 “. Feel free to address questions or concerns of any of my subscribers. I
    welcome advice and input of other professional tapers if they are being

  13. jingscrivvensbob

    Thanks Laurier. You’re definitely top notch at imparting your knowledge as
    a drywall guy to others and you obviously do a darned good and honest job
    for those who hire your services. Your videos are hugely useful to me
    personally because I’m trying to get my mind around North American methods
    and yours are by far the best on YouTube. I expect to be recommending your
    YouTube videos to many potential clients who try to hire me to teach them
    how to tape and mud.

  14. Laurier Desormeaux

    Thank you Thomas. I’m sorry that I don’t have a video on installing drywall
    on a cathedral ceiling. I don’t even know if it works with the drywall
    lift. My lift only cost me $125 with the taxes.