CFS Cure It Flat Roofing System

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Cure It flat roofing system now available from CFS!

21 responses on “CFS Cure It Flat Roofing System

  1. jonathan dempsey

    Nice job. But look closely and you’ll find you have your ladder upside down
    at the end. Small point but professionals roofers know when someones
    talking bollocks and it makes you look foolish

  2. Jimi Mac

    Ask yourself this question…would you buy a car from this guy? BS is BS
    with any accent. Veg-o-matic anyone?

  3. trevor francis

    you allways have to install a new deck, so we have a woodwool slab roof,or
    a block and beam roof 1000 mtr you could not compete with price,

  4. VerifyVeracity

    I did a 800 sq. foot gently sloped roof about 2 years ago with fiberglass.
    Just went to the boat yard to buy my material. Was quit a job, & cost me
    around 3K, but did 2 coats of mat, (& 3 on all the edges), & 2 coats of a
    white jell coat mixed with about 50% resin to thin it out, then went over
    the whole thing with 2 coats of a medium priced elastic white roof
    coating. I did a smaller roof as a test job before but after a few years
    it had quit a bit of mold growing on the roof, expect where I had covered
    it with elastic white roof coat, (as part of the test), & there was NO mold
    at all, (just perfect, like new). So I washed it all down with soapy
    bleach water then rinsed off real good & rolled on the elastic white roof
    coating & now the whole thing is just like new. On both roofs I did not
    use any edging just went over the fascia/roof corners, then down the
    fascia, letting it hang down further than the fascia, then when all the way
    done I went back & cut off the excess with a angle grinder with a fibered
    metal cutting disk on it, (If I’m remembering it correctly) on the test
    roof I cut the excess off the test roof with my rotary saw with a nice
    sharp fine tooth carbide blade. I used the angle grinder on the larger
    roof to have more hand control. On both roofs I let the fiberglass hang
    down about 1/4 inch further than the fascia board to help keep the water
    from running back on the that fascia broad at the bottom. On the test roof
    I made a ‘V’ shape bump where the door is to help keep the water from
    pouring over the door so much. I’m really happy with both roofs, & plan on
    doing another down the road. Unless you know what you are doing get help
    (no mater what you‘ll want to have someone to help, (I used my wife)). I
    almost made a real mess of it because of the wind blowing the mat around &
    trying to go down the fascia, the mating will tend to separate its strands
    & fall, you need to only roll up, never down, & don‘t over do it. The
    strands have a binding agent around them to hold them together, but when
    you put on the resin the binding agent will soon quit binding them
    together, & they will free float in the resin. Maybe on the part of the
    roof where it is going up or down a person could use a woven type
    fiberglass mat that would tend to stay together better, but I’m sure you
    would have to pay more for that type of mat. Don’t forget that the resin
    will tend to seep into the cracks & drip on to whatever is under the roof.
    In my case the people was almost gassed out of the house, (LOL) with some
    of the resin dripping onto the sheetrock used for the ceiling, (even though
    it did not show in the inside of the house). But with some opened windows
    & doors all was fine, in a day or two. One more funny thing was the police
    was called on me for cooking ‘crack’ (because of the smell), but of course
    the police knew the truth of it right away as he was walking up to the
    house. After a bit I got the hang of it, & it all turned out nice in the
    end. Best to you all. From Rockport TX.

  5. david maslen

    Nails don’t pull the boards tight which leads to board lift, screws are the
    only way, nail gun = lazy. Striped off 3 of these grp roofs in the last 18
    months all were leaking and shockingly 2 of them were less than a year old.
    I replaced them with epdm wich is the most widely used single ply membrane
    in the world(over 1 billion square meters layed) and a life span of about
    40 years proven. 

  6. Cliff Carlo

    Hi Eddie
    I am going to install GRP onto a flat roof this spring, is there a video
    dedicated to corner trims and how to install and seal them ? 

  7. Alistair Milner

    Just a thought but I wouldn’t bother to scrape off all of the felt if I was
    replacing the board underneath, assuming its only nailed down just get a
    massive gorilla bar and hook up the lot. Alternatively smash the whole lot
    down and build it with a proper roof.

  8. Bronyy Larenta

    Waste of time. Sarnafil is THE best flat roofing system. Far to much
    messing around with this stuff. Layer after layer. Single ply far exceed

  9. tammas2000

    Our garage has a staggered connection with next door’s garage The garage is
    6m long and 2m of this has a “communal” ridge.

    Next door had their roof done with bitumen hot rolled felt and I wonder if
    GRP can bond onto that?

  10. vinamel97

    GOOD FOR LIFE?……. if this is the same material used to make boats then
    why dont boats last a life time?……

  11. CFS Fibreglass Supplies

    We now stock the Cure It Flat Roofing System at CFS.

    Check out this video to learn more!