Chinese Drywall Florida|Contaminated Chinese American Drywall

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13 responses on “Chinese Drywall Florida|Contaminated Chinese American Drywall

  1. John Hovan

    Sadly, the truth is not valued in America. Nobody wants to hear the food is
    full of chemicals, the sky is full of chemtrail poisons, the pacific waters
    are full of radiation, our politicians are corrupt, the rights under the
    constitution are nearly gone and the medicines are killing people.

  2. don carson

    i hung drywall for 26 years, thankfully i got out of the buisiness before
    that shit hit the market, USG used to be a quality product, one of the best
    brands, i breathed USG drywall dust everyday at work, again, glad i didn’t
    breathe any of that stuff or i’d be dead right now for sure

  3. Jerry Tetro

    Mr. Charles Hummer, you are doing a great service for the people of this
    country by speaking the truth about your personal experience. Anyone who
    has been following this fiasco have been led to believe that Drywall from
    China was the source of the “rotten egg” odors in their homes and that is
    what is causing the interior metals to corrode and turn black. . The mask
    that you wear is a symbol of what USG is doing about this problem, hoping
    it will go away. Everyone should pass this video on!

  4. Jimmy Pascale

    God Bless you Mr. Charles Hummer for STANDING UP for the right thing !!
    Continue your journey. If I can lend a hand in anyway – just ask.

  5. abolishauthority

    Just wondering if you checked the drywall used for the ceiling? It is often
    a different thickness, and could be a different manufacturer.

  6. Charles Hummer

    To answer a couple of questions – ceiling drywall should be alright. Most
    Contaminated drywall is found in the walls only. The rule of thumb is 2000
    – anything build and remodeled from 2000 on is suspect. But most
    Contaminated Chinese and American Drywall is usually from 2004,05,06,07,08.
    We have found somethings built as late as 2010.

  7. larjerr

    That’s interesting. I re-drywalled a closet years ago and after a year or
    two it started smelling weird. It seems to be going away gradually
    though…I may just leave it alone. I would dread having a whole house
    full. The smell was definitely sickening…some chemical.

  8. Charles Hummer

    All the new Drywall will have a newly designed edge paper, and it is larger
    than the old edgepaper. Besides being newly designed, it also should have
    next to the Bar Code, the new ASTM C1396 numbers. The question as to
    whether the new drywall is safe – I guess we will have to wait and see. The
    other Drywall with ASTM C36, took at least 1 to 1 1/2 years before the
    gasses were detectable by smell. Check out my website, if you haven’t