Cleaning Acoustical Tile Ceilings, Chicago, Illinois

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Over time, acoustical tile ceilings get dirty, discolor and really don’t look good. McCahill Painting can take an aged nasty-looking acoustical tile ceiling …
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2 responses on “Cleaning Acoustical Tile Ceilings, Chicago, Illinois

  1. Stephen French

    Sorry, but this is not acoustical ceiling cleaning. Your video is
    demonstrating what is known as ceiling resurfacing. If you want to know
    the proper way to clean a ceiling call Chem-Kleen Ceiling & Wall, Inc. at

  2. CarusoCareInc

    Why are you telling customers that you are cleaning the ceiling, when all
    your doing is paining it or coating the ceiling, your using an airless
    sprayer to apply a paint do you really expect the customer to believe, by
    your video, that you are doing anything other painting over the dirt? This
    is false advertizing, this is not Ceiling Cleaning.