25 responses on “Collated drywall gun, screw gun.

  1. PrecisionTaping .

    +alex lazar I’m not sure if it would work without the guard…The screws
    might have a hard time being fed

  2. jose Guerra

    Ha come on , why we are going to be mad about,,, we make fun about gringos
    everyday too hahahahaja, just relax people,,, nice video….

  3. Torcuato Espiricueta

    LOL that was funny! we all make fun of each other´s race so its ok until
    someone gets offended i guess

  4. jesse delao

    Some of those the screws you put in the middle where to close to each other
    didn’t looked evenly spaced xd

  5. Pedro Rubio

    ‘DAMN’ This Tools would make the job so much faster Big Time, Than Using a
    Pistol Sytle Screw Gun

  6. James Jackson

    I have that gun its beast. Saves so much time. If you are hanging sheet
    goods this tool or one like it is a must.

  7. Dblok1982

    Haha the only funny thing about this video is that only gringos need this
    shit I know plenty of Latinos that can leave you guys in shame wit a normal
    screw gun and hammers now make a video of that my friends have a great day

  8. alex lazar

    by the way I just bought one of these today at A pawn shop but it did not
    come with the screw guard would it still work?

  9. alex lazar

    You racist mother F**ker haha you know what thou I sub contract and hire
    Mexican laborers all the time and they have an amazing work ethic.They are
    the hardest working people I have ever met and have alott of respect for
    them.I don’t think this video would be offensive at all.

  10. Max knight

    why are you only putting two screws in the field? why screw the butt joints
    bfor there is a sheet up against it? should use hilti sd4500 with auto
    loader attachment, its cordless too

  11. kalispell

    crazy ass wallers, must tape too, judgeing the mud on the radio. this is
    what i miss about drywall. the fun makeing money and turning out great
    product. that gun looks great, gonna have to get one. been waiting for the
    best review on a self loader. just saw it. thanks for the fun, you crazy’s.