Colorado Floods, 1-Year Anniversary

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KNAUF Drywall
Image by Fotos GOVBA
Governador Jaques Wagner recebe a diretoria da KNAUF Drywall.

Foto: Alberto Coutinho/SECOM

Colorado Floods, 1-Year Anniversary
"The drywall sucked up the water, and it went right into our old, fir floors," she said, noting that nearly 50 tons of mud and debris were removed from her and her next-door neighbor's yards during the recovery. Chernushin said the community pitched in …
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Ottawa Trilogy facility under fire from state fire inspector
“Quite a few of them are covered with drywall. He wants the sprinkler heads removed and air blown through the system,” said Rieman. “This building has hundreds if not a thousand sprinkler heads. If they take them all down, for one thing it's a big job.
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Thermal imaging camera helps flood victims
"I've seen so much recently where there's no variation in the drywall, no sagging paint, but there's moisture there that you can't see," said Lauby. "That's what can get you if you don't know that it's there." Lauby spotted a leak in a roof Friday that …
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