Crews continue cleanup at Blackstone home

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Crews continue cleanup at Blackstone home
Initially, the town had hoped it would be able to just clean the house, but there is so much bioharzardous material inside the home that crews have had to rip down walls, ceilings, drywall and floor. Crews removed furniture and bags of trash at the …
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Pueblo women survive hurricane
During the worst of the storm β€” a Category 3 packing 125-mph wind β€” drywall was blown out exposing metal studs that were bent in the ferocious wind. Debris was scattered throughout the resort, but no one was hurt, Ellis said. β€œIt was pretty scary …
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Indoor air-quality lab confirms black mold in Chandler apartment
"The drywall has a colored backing on the back of it and that is what the discolored spots are," said a manager with P.B. Bell, the company that owns Laguna Village. "It's actually not mold, and there's no mold that's been seen." After sending the …
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