4 responses on “Custom Drywall Taping Tool

  1. magicbuskey

    When people downvote a video, it woul be nice to know why. I liked this
    video but I dont know ANYTHING about building a home. The man starring in
    the videos is very good, I think.

  2. justtisha

    nice little trick! I had to do a couple of corners like this and it was
    hard to not have one side slightly dig into the other (yes I did each side
    seperately)…but the drywall wasn’t perfectly cornered together. I think
    this would have really made things unnoticeable!

  3. Joe Petrick

    actually you should never use regular paper tape on those types of corners
    and should never have to coat them like that, use a product called straight
    flex, its a no coat tape designed specifically for that purpose. only
    beginners and homeowners do stuff like this. professionals dont ever have
    to resort to this type of stuff.