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25 responses on “CUTTING DRYWALL PART 3- ROTO ZIP (CC)

  1. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    Well its a good thing I don’t work for you then! LOL In my youth, a helper
    and myself could hang 70+ a day complete screwed and beaded. Those days are
    long behind me now,and thankfully so.We will pay in our old age for what we
    do to our body today Take Care!+++Bob

  2. mushtaq Ansari

    Thank you so much sir, It was very helpful and I did buy a Rotozip,and was
    able to use it because of your Video.Thank you for the good work.God bless

  3. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    I am familiar with the blade runner and even considered a video of it, but
    decided against it because most of what it does can be done with tools that
    already exist and what it could make easier is generally only in pretty
    infrequent situations,may be useful to have for a pro maybe who does more
    commercial work than residential Hope this helped and don’t hesitate to

  4. Cesar Zapata

    thanks for the video! I never hang SR before. I will practice with my
    garage before starting my house. I have couple of questions. What size of
    nails are better or should I use screws? also which side of the sheet rock
    should face outside? the white part or the yellow/gray part? thanks

  5. Amit Bhopal

    i am about to install a hood fan vent and needed some tips on cutting the
    drywal in a round shape.that video really helped me.thanks.

  6. TubeHammel

    Great job! I just bought the RZ1500 and watched a number of videos on its
    use that were produced by the manufacturer. While your video is not nearly
    as professionally made as the other ones I found the information in your
    video a lot more useful! Thanks

  7. Bjorn Benson

    Good teacher and excellent video! The counter-clockwise concept is one I
    didn’t’ know (explains why my first attempt with one of these ended badly.

  8. Starter61

    Excellent presentation. Thank you very much. The idea of making long
    duration video, even splitted in three parts because of YT restrictions,
    was a very good one. It gives plenty of time to show all the details.

  9. Lastbreath187

    @oldsoldier17 Id never spend that, do your self a favour and get the
    DeWalt, iv had mine for 4 years and its still rocking strong, i use it
    everyday at work. This tool is a joke

  10. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    You know I have never tried it.I would imagine if the dremel would fit the
    zip-bit I don’t see why it would’nt.Let me know. Thanks+++Bob

  11. robdog15001

    Now thats how you teach…saw all three videos…Best instruction I’ve had
    on drwalling basics…keep up good teaching…

  12. fyl69vidz

    very basic question… i have mounted electrical boxes and hung drywall in
    the past, but never with the rotozip. when cutting the drywall as you
    demonstrated, do you hang the box flush to the stud, or offset from the
    stud so it would be flush with the drywall? the reason I ask is I question
    how you cut the outside of the box when it is mounted to the stud. thanks1