Cutting tin roofing with a skill saw

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Don’t try this at home! It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye..

25 responses on “Cutting tin roofing with a skill saw

  1. Joshua Peek

    now if’n you do catch fare like 63Impaller2dr, please put yourself out
    before filming…. while it does make dramatic movie entertainment, it
    might be a high cost for cinematic viewing pleasure.

  2. elad yrag

    yep, my dad and I did the same… Worked but perhaps is one reason that I
    have a tin knockers ear…we didn’t have osha then///

  3. 19stoney64

    Yep, I had one of those carbide teeth hit me in the cheek right under my
    eye and I had safety glasses on. I thought it stuck right in me like but it
    just felt like it did.

  4. jboy1919

    hey mr rpeek, i wonderd, dont those support legs in the dirt sink in the
    ground when it rains? like with your camperhous after the wind? or did you
    think of something i didnt think of :D?

  5. TheWreckingYard .

    I’ve used the skillsaw to cut roofing before, you can get abrasive cutoff
    wheels that are exactly the right size to fit in the saw. Lotsa sparks and
    not too healthy for the plastic bodied saws, I also found that cutting from
    the back side of the sheet was a little handier since you didn’t have to
    bump over the humps.

  6. elad yrag

    Dad and I used a steel blade (no carbide) backwards…Forward, it just tore
    up the metal ,and heated and warped the blade. …Before carbide tipped
    (and plasma cutters) sawblades though and 50 years ago…

  7. G3RIVER

    Ain’t good for your ears either!! I know you won’t believe me but, it makes
    a cleaner cut and works better if you put the blade in backwards and you
    can use an old saw blade to do the same job.