33 responses on “Demetri Martin – Roofing Job

  1. Luke Snyder

    Demitri Martin’s style has so much to it. It’s depth and complexity simply
    fell out of favor with popular audiences. This is unfortunate, and his fans
    look forward to a time where people realize his greatness once again.

  2. Rempac Foam Corporation

    Spray Foam Insulation on the roof? #SprayedFoam created this informational
    video on the benefits of using spray foam Spray Foam Roofing SPF Benefits

  3. DelawareContractors

    I have really really liked experiencing your company’s online video
    regarding Roofing. I not too long ago started in roof covering and found
    your personal knowledge to be extraordinarily very beneficial. I look
    forward to experiencing more of your current videos. Can I ask how long you
    have actually been in this type of industry?

  4. SprayedFoam

    @charkee1 not sure what you mean by comp? SPF can be applied over
    residential roofs, but it typically reserved for low-slope and flat roofs.
    Its not really ideal to replace or go over asphalt shingles, however, on
    flat commercial roofs it can be applied over many existing roof substrates

  5. PolyurethanesMedia

    We’re using spray polyurethane foam in our passive house we’re building as
    well but for the floors. For our roof we used polyurethane insulation
    panels; you should check out our video of it’s production!