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  1. Cleveland Roofers

    Yes indeed roofing is a tough job when I started my company I was doing the
    majority of the roofing myself thank God those days are over

  2. ColumbiaSC100

    Roofing is brutal work. I’ve done my share, but let the crew do most of the
    dirty work now. It’s been a long haul, but I’m better man for it.

  3. DelawareContractors

    I have truly enjoyed experiencing your video concerning Roof covering. I
    not too long ago began in roof covering plus found all of your insights to
    be exceedingly helpful. I look forward to examining more of your current
    video footages. Can I ask how long you have actually been in this kind of

  4. trevor francis

    all roofing jobs are shit, every job is a struggle,everything carried up
    the ladders, to be strong enough you must be able to carry your own weight
    up a ladder,stripping off grit thats fully bonded with molten bitumen, it’s
    hard graft, Ive had plenty scalds off molten bitumen.A hoist would be a
    good investment

  5. LifeSucksSoberOrHigh

    Do you know the best way to get tar off of things, like your hands and
    other things…. well bleach will not come close,.. and hardly anything
    will work,.. only one thing,.. a cleaner called “Goo Gone”,.. I just got
    tar all over after taring my roof… that stuff basically makes the tar
    instantly disappear!

  6. Cameron Brown

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