DIY Drywall Repair: How to Fix Holes and Dents in the Wall (Part 1)

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25 responses on “DIY Drywall Repair: How to Fix Holes and Dents in the Wall (Part 1)

  1. Kharamelkisses

    Thank you for this tutorial!!!! I really appreciate the tips and
    techniques. You make it very easy to understand and you take your time
    teaching. I’m subbed! 

  2. zopiclone199

    All of the ‘drywall’ repair videos I’ve seen assumes you are repairing a
    drywall with thickness. What is my ‘drywall’ is so thin that it’s basically
    as thick as a cardboard?

  3. James Theo

    Very good!, but you surely went through a lot of steps and procedures to
    produce a quality well done job sir! Like so many layers of patching
    filler/compound you used to attain the finished result etc! – you could
    have used other alternative methods I guess? But well done!

  4. gamelord751

    If i had a hole that small “in my own home” i just fill it with drywall let
    dry in layers and sand, then paint, that easy. less work less money. Of
    cousre if it were professional and a big hole then i’d use the cutting out
    of the drywall concept. But I guess if you want to screw something else
    into the fixed part of the wall it wouldnt work well with the easy way I
    just mentioned, but i never put screws int he same holes anyway. But if you
    want a quick fix for little holes thats it.

  5. milligraves

    I have a hole cause by a door knob. Im afraid the knob will hit this area
    again and cause the hole to reopen. Is there anything else I can put in the
    hole to keep this from happening again? (other than a door stopper at the

  6. Shawn Roberson

    Great videos.
    I am new to this and
    I have some small holes I did to repair and you mentioned some of your
    material that you use. Can you tell me what brand your mud and plaster are.
    Also the tools needed to complete the job. Thanks.


  7. QueenLeilani

    Hi Russ! I’m one of your new subscribers. I’m a new home owner and just got
    my first place this month. Although I got it for an incredibly good price
    (here in NY) it still needs A LOT of work. Before tackling the cracks and
    holes in my bedroom I looked up tutorials on how to do it. I watched at
    least 8 other videos till I came across yours and found yours so helpful!
    You have no idea how much I really appreciate your videos and I had to tell
    you thank you. The way you explain things, you make it easy for a newbie
    like me to accomplish things. I do have to admit, it took me 2 days to
    finish watching ALL your videos on this channel and your other channel. But
    thank you so much! I went to Home Depot and bought the same tools (Trowler
    and Hawk) and practiced before attempting to skim my walls lol =)

  8. ggin nj

    With all that damage to the wall, wouldn’t it have easier to to just
    replaced the large square of the wall? Instead of 3 patches and a couple

  9. James Theo

    What I was trying to mention was that you could have Simplified the process
    or application method? Anyways – you put in a lot of hard work & effort
    into what you done etc

  10. TwinMillMC .

    Hey Russ, thanks for the video! I watched some of your other videos and
    subbed your channel – you do great work! My brother did drywall repair in
    my bathroom and he didn’t cut away the loose drywall the way you did before
    applying the plaster. As a result, he had to sand and redo the plaster a
    few times to get it smooth. I’ll have to send him this video. Where are you
    located? Thanks again for the professional advise! Vinny, New York