DIY Drywall Repair: How to Fix Holes and Dents in the Wall (Part 3)

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25 responses on “DIY Drywall Repair: How to Fix Holes and Dents in the Wall (Part 3)

  1. Sir Smarty

    Nice videos. Why you mixed plastic of p. power in mud? Can u pls. do a
    video to explain different types of filling material/muds. Doe it make any
    if difference in quality if i get 20 min, 2hrs or 24 hrs one from home

  2. actorguy6

    Russ, can I mix dry plaster of paris right into premixed mud for a
    “quickset” ? on patch jobs.. will it set in 10 / 20 minutes or so ?

  3. Kre8or333

    This is probably the hardest way I’ve seen this done, not sure if that’s a
    good thing or bad thing

  4. RussOlinatzPaintShow

    Hi Part 2 was accidentally deleted. I mentioned this in the video
    description of Part 3 and stated what what took place. Russ

  5. RussOlinatzPaintShow

    こんにちは このメッセージをお寄せいただきありがとうございます !私はそれが好きうれしい ! ラス

  6. MrBuster9815

    Hi Russ, Thank you very much for more great tips my friend keep up the good
    work, a big thumbs up from me My best regards to you and have a great day
    take care Dave

  7. Mihorin51

    Wow! Thank you so much for your reply in Japanese. It’s a surprise.^^ I
    appreciate your kindness. ありがとうございます。 Have a great weekend, Russ. ♪ Mihoko

  8. RussOlinatzPaintShow

    Hi Andrew- Great question! Mudding is the process of filling in or bridging
    gaps in the drywall drywall. Here I am using the mud to re-create a new
    surface that hides the repaired or high spots. Where are you from? Russ

  9. RussOlinatzPaintShow

    こんにちは美穂子 どうもありがとうございます!また、あなたの週末を楽しむ願っています ! ラス

  10. RussOlinatzPaintShow

    Hi Thomas- Part 2 was accidentally deleted. Please read the description to
    find out what more. Stay tuned for more. Russ