DIY How to Remove Wallpaper (Part 1) – Drywall repair & Wall Preparation

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DIY How to Remove Wallpaper (Part 1) - Drywall repair & Wall Preparation

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27 responses on “DIY How to Remove Wallpaper (Part 1) – Drywall repair & Wall Preparation

  1. C. C. C

    Hey just came across this! Thank you Russ Olinatz for posting this. I
    have old wallpaper in a bathroom and was trying to figure out how best to

  2. Steph B

    I’ve watched a few videos on wallpaper removal and this one by far is the
    best!! Very detailed for an amateur like me! LOL Thanks a bunch!!!!

  3. Ellita Pearce

    I purchased an 80’s ticky tacky house where half of the walls are
    ‘textured’ with painted vinyl that is slowly curling off the walls. I have
    pulled off a small portion and have discovered that the paper not only has
    fabric backing but was applied directly to the drywall without any sign of
    any wall prep. Is there any way to remove this stuff? Or, will I have to
    torch the place an move to another home?

  4. Carlos Vasquez

    well i see i have a project on my hands . I came to visit my dads house my
    sisters stupid ass boyfriend decided to pull off the old wallwaper damaging
    the drywall . i do Minor elictrical , plumbing and sheetrock work ….
    Question …. This Moron Painted over the damage removal of wallpaper …,
    should i just replace the wall Or remud the wall … It’s Like Top Half Of
    3 sheets and a half of damaged wallpaper removal ? 

  5. Russ Olinatz

    Hi A J- I am really happy these instructions have Helped you! Thanks for
    taking the time to comment! Enjoy your weekend! Russ

  6. Russ Olinatz

    Hi Nina- Thanks for your question! Yes, it is wise to prime the wall before
    painting again, after taking down the wallpaper. This seals in any left
    over glue that still exists on the wall and will cause bubbling problems
    with the water based top coat. Russ

  7. Nina Vennettilli

    is it wise to prime the wall before painting. even if the wall was painted
    before the wall paper was put on


    yeah this time I did as you said and managed to get the wallpaper off as
    one piece! 🙂 last time i tried myself and the wallpaper broke into pieces
    and end up with a lot of work. this time it’s much easier! Thanks Russ!
    Thanks for sharing the great tips 🙂 And Happy New Year 🙂 Greetings from
    Hong Kong 😀

  9. Russ Olinatz

    Hi Bonnie- Thanks so much! Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy the
    rest of your weekend! Russ

  10. heshegoldy

    will this metho work for wallpaper that is glued very tight? i was looking
    into using a steamer what are your thoughts on that? iv used the tiger
    thing many times but needed to pretty much skimcoat the entire surface
    afterward. i watched all 5 of the vids they are great thanks. p.s. is a
    regular stain blocking sealer/primer good enough i would prefer using
    something that is white and not clear. thanks so much

  11. Russ Olinatz

    Hello Michael- The plaster walls will have damage, but not like the torn
    drywall damage. I would prime walls first to seal in left over glue, and
    then mud the areas and then re-prime. This will seal in glue and ensure the
    mud will stick to wall.