5 responses on “DIY- How To Roof A House- Section 1 of 6 Removing Old Roofing

  1. Kaiser Maximilian

    What do you do when large sections of tarpaper and plywood do need to be
    replaced, and then bad weather sets in? Is it safe to leave the roof in
    that condition for a week, when weather stopps progress? perhaps use of
    some temperary sealent just in case? I’ll have to attempt this very soon
    while the weather has been unpredictable and I want to stop the leaksing
    areas before too much more water accumulates in winter. I’m DIY for
    financial reasons. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. Tumbleweed211

    buddy tearing off should be better trained and given the proper tools for
    the job… get some safety gear on your roof.

  3. ElitePokerPlayer

    @mx318 yo my man..I need some info if you could please help? I got a old
    home 1900-1910 with no playwood on roof it has original roof shingles along
    with two other layers that were just nail on top of each other. I need to
    strip it all off but I am needing some info on how and what tools do I need
    to aquire. I know I need roofing jacks . it is a 10-12 roof so safety too.
    Hope I can get some info