21 responses on “DIY – Repair Cracks in the Ceiling by Removing Old Drywall Tape (Part 2) – Drywall Repair

  1. Cassiopea456

    One more question. “Is the plaster of Paris you are using the one that say
    casting powder on the bag? ” Cuz that’s the only type is saw so far. Thanks
    again :)

  2. Cassiopea456

    Thank you so much Russ. The wallpaper in my house is similar but i tore it
    down some of it. So what do i do now? Do i seal it like you showed in one
    of your other videos and then plaster it or do i use tape to cover that
    part first? Also it is the wall around the window, Do you have a video how
    to paint window frames made of aluminium? Thank you so much.
    God bless you for ALL your videos, to me they have been inspirational and
    very informative.. Now I have the courage to handle a brush in my hand .He
    he he..Cheers mate xo xo xo YOU RE THE BEST!

  3. Lucie

    Salut Russ . J’avais oublié ton prénom .tes vidéos sont très intéressantes
    j’adore visionner je m’intéresse au bricolage . . Merci bonne continuation
    .. Bises .Lucie

  4. Lucie

    Superbe travaille tu expliques très bien .. Bravo pour ta gentillesse si
    agréable a visionner ta vidéo .Merci beaucoup . Amitiés ..Lucie

  5. RussOlinatzPaintShow

    Hello- Yes, it allows me to work faster and it is a lot stronger than just
    All- Purpose mud! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Russ