DIY – Repair Cracks in the Ceiling by Removing Old Drywall Tape (Part 3) – Drywall Repair

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DIY – Repair Cracks in the Ceiling by Removing Old Drywall Tape (Part 3) – Drywall Repair Like me on Facebook!…
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25 responses on “DIY – Repair Cracks in the Ceiling by Removing Old Drywall Tape (Part 3) – Drywall Repair

  1. Curtis Collins

    There you go again! Helping me with another task…Just saw a tape coming
    up on my ceiling and Russ to the Rescue! Man, how did you learn all this
    stuff? Did you have family in the business or did you just learn from trial
    and error? Love it. Just happen to have both Joint Compound and Plaster of
    Paris in the basement. Will tackle it tomorrow. BUT, again..THANKS so much
    for sharing your knowledge with all of us. It is greatly appreciated!

  2. StormLaker1975

    Great series of videos. In my garage, every joint in the drywall is cracked
    and buckled. The people who installed it did a rotten job of muddying it
    up, this video shows me what I need to do to fix it. Good excuse to take a
    week off from work, I have a couple other spots inside the house that are
    doing the same. 

  3. Sianoah Rivera

    hi Russ,

    I saw the video where you spoke about paper vs. mesh tape addressing my
    question in my last post. Good Info!

  4. Marianne McCay

    thanks, Russ.. I have learned how to paint my bathroom, including the
    ceiling .. along with repairs to the ceiling.. from watching your Videos..
    you are an awesome teacher.. thanks so much for posting them for those of
    us that want to be “Rehab Addicts”!

  5. Josh Brabble

    Great video! I have a question though. I’m pretty sure i would do a
    terrible job mixing that stuff up and spreading it. Can I use spackle

  6. Nick McLean

    Would you use the same method for repairing a garage ceiling? The
    temperature swings from the 30s to over 100 every year and this will be the
    second time I’ve attempted a repair. The first time I used paper tape but
    this time I will definitely use mesh tape. 

  7. Sianoah Rivera

    This Looks exactly like what I will need to do this weekend. Are there any
    advantages of using a paper tape for this job or would using a mesh tape
    work the best? Thanks for sharing.

  8. pbaylis1

    You’re awesome Russ. Thanks for sharing this. I have a similar project
    coming up and I’ll use your methods. Question: The plaster of paris seemed
    to make the joint compound set quicker, but does it actually DRY quicker
    too so that you can actually sand and finish it more quickly?

  9. vmauricionj

    Thank you so much Russ, for the step by step. I’m the DIY type of girl and
    it gets me in a lot of trouble but I can’t go wrong with these videos :D

  10. mutup2

    Hi. This is great! One question (I may have missed it)…..did you have
    to score the original seam with a knife to hollow it out first, or did you
    mud right over it after pulling off the tape? Thanks.

  11. karenmuenchen

    you are always very busy 😉 ! Thank you for explaning all this :-)) Best
    wishes from München , Karen

  12. RussOlinatzPaintShow

    Hi- Yes, you can but it will not last very long. I am fixing this at the
    core level which means that I am peeling away tape and revealing the gap in
    between the 2 pieces of drywall. I am then packing the gap with a hard
    setting mud that reconnects the 2 drywall sheets and makes them as One! I
    then re-tape on top of this and feather out mud. If you just tape over the
    already expanded surface, that underlying problem surface still lies
    beneath, and any future settling will cause to crack faster.

  13. Maurice Keyboard

    Dear friend, you look beautiful work of it. I’ve done that several times
    already, but I work there longer though. One sees immediately that you may
    well, bravo to you video and explanation. Many people of good will can
    learn here. I wish you an excellent week to. Maurice