DIY roof repair

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Debi Marie meets up with Gerry Chavez, a Product Manager for Henry Roofing products, to guide us through a DIY roof repair at Frank’s house. Frank has a roof…
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4 responses on “DIY roof repair

  1. Jc Decastro

    I’m a single mom,my first house had a flat roof,I got quotes from roofers
    in excess of 10k to fix multiple leaks from a storm ( I didn’t have a spare
    10k) I used this or a similar product,it worked fiiiiine,for years guys ;)

  2. Best Quality Roofing and Chimney

    Oh, I’m cringing. Firstly the guy has a 3-tab roof that’s rated as a 10
    year roof, and even though it’s looking okay, it’s on its way out.
    Secondly, that patch was horrific! Water will still leak under it unless
    the patch is applied UNDER the shingles…Oh, my’s pounding just
    thinking about it. Not to mention the possibility of falling off a roof –
    no insurance! Adding tar around pipes may work for a little while, but a
    proper boot would work better, and all that cement will add to your repairs
    in the future. Horrific. This is just an ad for Henry Roofing Products. 

  3. Chris Ewing

    That would absolutely still leak. Water will enter in the keyway and have
    no were to go except into the home. Extremely poor job.