DIY Wall Anchor Removal and Drywall Repair Tips : DIY Answer Guy

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SUPER EASY do-it-yourself home project guide for removing plastic wall anchors and do-it-yourself drywall hole patching. Your DIY project adviser walks you t…
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25 responses on “DIY Wall Anchor Removal and Drywall Repair Tips : DIY Answer Guy

  1. diyanswers

    @burkekerri Just take a pair of needle nose pliers, and pinch the two metal
    tabs together. Patience when doing this as you’ll need to slightly pull out
    on the metal tabs as you squeeze them together. Then push the whole anchor
    through the wall. Best of luck. Larry– your DIY Answer Guy

  2. heatherquas

    This was so helpful!! Thanks so much-now I don’t have to bug my husband to
    do this for me. He won’t believe I did it myself 🙂

  3. diyanswers

    You’re welcome. If you ever have questions about your DIY projects, let me
    know. Bye the way, nice pickin Michael. Take care and keep on playing.

  4. newbee509

    Thanks for the simple solution. These small but stubborn things have driven
    me to distraction, not to mention some unnecessary repairs.

  5. slowfaller

    I have a towel rack Im removing in my bathroom and it appears the screw
    that holds the bracket on the wall is screwed into an anchor. Taking a
    screwdriver just turns the screw and wall anchor therefore I cannot extract
    it. Any tips for that? The wall anchor is completely in the wall it seems.
    Thank you.

  6. righost12

    @diyanswers Hello. I created an account on youtube, then navigated back to
    this video just to say thanks for this. It’s informative and to the point.

  7. mtriviski

    Thank you Thank you! I took the first anchor out by making a huge hole. And
    I knew I couldn’t keep doing that. Found your video and the rest were easy!
    Thanks again:)

  8. Amy Tipton

    Great tip! Thanks so much. I do have another problem. Some of my anchors
    are not plastic but metal. Any suggestions? Thanks! Amy

  9. diyanswers

    Hi Todd, The best way to remove the anchor is to drive it through the wall.
    Get a phillips screwdriver that has a head/tip a bit larger than the whole
    in the anchor. Set the point of the screwdriver in the center of the hole
    of the anchor, then hit the end of the screwdriver with a hammer. This will
    drive the anchor through the wall, and leave the smallest hole to be
    patched. EZ-anchors are the way to go in the future. Thanks and I’ll check
    out the question form Larry Your DIY Answer Guy