Do It Yourself Home Roofing

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Do It Yourself Home Roofing

This is a step by step video of myself doing my own roof. This was my first roof I’ve ever done and wanted to share some of the lessons I learned along the w…

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50 responses on “Do It Yourself Home Roofing

  1. Richard Sautell

    shingles look lyke alot of work it would probably cost 20,000 dollars for a
    roof that size in New Zealand , would long run coloursteel be easier to put
    on and last twice as long ? 

  2. volcer

    well done thanks for taking the time to film the roof and showing what you
    learned you helped out people that might wanna learn thanks again

  3. Dwight Travis

    I think you did an awesome job… Kudos to you! That was an extremely large
    project to undertake. Bravo….young man!

  4. holdemstacy1 .

    Man! Don’t even listen to all the haters. You did great man! Way to stay
    after it. That is a tough job for a person who doesn’t do it all the time.
    It’s obvious that you didn’t have a veteran on the job with you to steer
    you, but none the less you got-r-done! I’m proud of you man! You can do
    most anything with enough resolve. I personally like the calm voice you
    have. It beats the heck out of all the me generation self serving right
    now generation naysayers criticizing you. I’ll bet none of them have
    tackled this sort of project. 

  5. Greg Hunter

    Not a bad job. You definitely got lucky with no rain always dry in your
    whole roof before you do anything else.

  6. luke pearson

    Should have only taken 2 or 3 days. When your shingling don’t do one row at
    a time or it takes for ever. you can sit in one spot and do a step or 45
    degree angle with each shingle and put on 5 or 6 shingles without moving
    from where your sitting. You also dont need to use a hole saw and cut a
    perfect hole around each plumbing pipe. Iko shingles are crap and the
    plywood didnt need to all be changed. Other than that good enough job.

  7. 1949dodgejm

    If you took speed instead of quaaludes you would have been done 3 weeks ago
    ! But A- one job none the less

  8. downtowndv

    Great Job! Reminded me when I did my own roof many moons ago. The daily
    updates really helped show the progression of the project. My hats off to
    you. You showed a lot of character and patience to get er done. Roof looks

  9. juiced71

    good job ! mine needs done also this gives me some inspiration ! cutting
    around them tubes was that a bitch? my roof has a valley so im afraid ill
    screw that up lol with the 3 tabs shingles are they nailed the same as the
    others? or do you just use 2 nails? thanks man! and again thanks for
    posting and you did a nice job!

  10. Ensoltis GHR

    Thinking about getting a new roof but not sure what material to choose?
    Shingles ugly and get to hot? Tile to briddle and heavy? check out my
    channel, I think you’ll be suprised on what we came up with!

  11. stonedvideos1

    is it wrong to run the starter row all the way around then start after you
    have finished the starter row?

  12. flyingtigre1

    why should you run up the roof when you can run the length of the roof and
    work up. Much easier than missing a nail some where. To line up your tabs
    you don’t nned all those lines on the felt paper. maybe a starter line and
    a third row line. The 3 tabs usually have a little cut on top you can lift
    it up and direct you 3 tab in line with the 2 or 1 tab. So much easier and
    less complicated. cheers 

  13. betty cotten

    Thank you and your daughter for your help. I am a 66 years old (woman) and
    I just finished half of my tool sheds roof, wish we hadn’t built it so
    high, seven ft. would have been easier.
    Climbing on top was scary. Hip roof is not the best way to go for a 6 x 8
    building. I prayed the whole time I was up there lol , was glad when I ran
    out of shingles , I needed the break ! . But believe I will complete it ! 

  14. Brett Edmonds

    I’ve been in construction for about 8 years. I wish this video was around
    back when I got started would have saved me a ton of trial and error. Great
    job making it simple for people just starting out.

  15. Anthony Phillips

    Just put 3-tab shingles on my new shed…your video helped a lot! Thank
    you and your daughter for making this video!!!

  16. DelawareContractors

    I have certainly really liked watching your online video regarding
    Rooftops. I just recently began in roof covering and certainly found your
    company’s guidance to be incredibly of use. I look forward to experiencing
    other of your movies. Can I inquire how long you have actually been in this
    type of industry?

  17. link90099

    Very good video! Very informative, wish i could have started out
    apprenticing under you, as you actually teach everything there is to know
    about laying 3 tabs. Cheers,

  18. jason Boothe

    Great vid. Just one question. Do you alternate every shingles 30 inch, and
    36 inch all the way up? Also, do you complete each row across before
    starting next row. Thanks for the great vids

  19. Joshua Colantuono

    Good detail, I watched several videos like this and they left out the small
    description like were to line them up and why

  20. Joseph Marlys

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this video and I find it truly
    useful & it helped me out much. I hope to provide one thing back and aid
    others such as you helped me.

  21. buddub105

    Hey I was wondering what your chalk line are measured out at, and if you
    would measure them out the same with architectural shingles. Thanks

  22. minthillbilly

    I mark horizontal lines every 10 inchs on three tabs and every 11 inchs on
    architectural type shingles. This will give you something to refer to every
    two rows. It helps keep the shingles running straight. You don’t have to
    worry about vertical 30″ and 36″ lines with architectural shingles because
    there is no bond to follow. Hope this helps. Have a great day!

  23. Thomas Mitchell

    On the short shingles I noticed you did not put a nail at the short end.
    Can you explain why this is not needed? Also why do you need to high nail
    the ends of each full shingle?

  24. Terry King

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video. You and your daughter
    make good working partners. Many years ago in his youth my husband helped a
    roofer. Your instruction was very clear, her pictures right on, and the
    grand kids will have a roof on the play house thanks to you! Cheers