11 responses on “Does The Vacuum Drywall Sander Actually Work ?

  1. mag goo

    A related tip to Saving the Life of your Vacuum Cleaner. I used a vacuum
    attachment, and after just one basement reno, the drywall dust killed my
    shopvac. Found out the hard way that the fine drywall dust is extremely
    hard on electric motors. Now I use vacuum filters designed for drywall
    dust OR I fit an ordinary pantyhose nylon over a regular filter. Also
    very important: don’t let a ton of dust accumulate inside the vacuum AND
    use an air gun to blow all the dust out of the motor chamber; and blow off
    your filter also. ( I regularly use air to clean out the motor for
    whatever jobs, ie. sawdust, construction jobs, etc. and my shopvacs last
    a lot longer now )

  2. Philippe Allaire

    It doesn’t work very well, it is quite awkward, but it does exactly what it
    says its suppose to do. It sucks up all the dust while sanding, and
    sometimes that exactly what you need it to do … 🙂

  3. gubanpg

    Looks like an awkward tool, thought I might get one for small sanding jobs.
    I’ll stick to my drywall sander

  4. Obeyance DeKat

    Looks like it could use a dampener on the suction and have a way for it to
    breath out the sides. Not only to keep it from trying to stick to the wall,
    but to catch any dust that may be escaping.

  5. Hard Part USA

    We’d love for you to try out our “dustless, meshless drywall sander”, too.
    We’re in pre-production, but we can get you a beta demo. Head to head, it
    beats all the other products in this category AND it’s meshless, so the
    total cost is much less over time. We can send you more info if you’re
    interested. On our YouTube channel, we have a quick video showing it in
    action in a side-by-side test. For $39 MSRP, it’s a great addition for a
    pro or DIY. Likely market launch: early 2014.

  6. Bob Seguin

    the sander can be modified to go directly on a tube and connected to vacuum
    hose, thus getting rid if the j configuration, and awkwardness, how ever,
    with even the finest mesh sand paper, it leaves marks/scratches to heavy
    for the fussy market we have here. However, for presanding on reno jobs, it
    works great.