25 responses on “Dovetail Roofing

  1. Charlie Zaloom

    I’ve seen a few cabins in the Adirondacks of New York with roofs like that.
    Most of them need replacement… 😉

    Nice work.

  2. Crystal Bradway

    That would be right up my alley,wouldnt touch it for any less than
    175,000.looks reel good .keep up the good work.

  3. sheikhyerbutay

    Wow!! Awesome job! My only experience with wood shingles on a radius was a
    nightmare. The Church refused to pay to have them steamed and bent into
    place. Too cheap. Also, the Architect spec’d out shakes instead of
    taper-sawn wood shingles. Agh! No roofing company would do it for the price
    budgeted, and as the project super ~ I decided to do them myself. It took
    several weeks. It looked good in the end, but I will never do it again! If
    I ever have another one come up, you got the job!

  4. Pew Heretic

    I hope you guys were spoiled rotten by the home owners 🙂 Great job. Glad
    there’s still some contractors who can/will tackle the jobs that actually
    require skill and talent in their chosen profession. So many contractors
    are just “chop and swap” laborers. Making your own tools, devising/planning
    around obstacles…..real pros!