Draining and de-roofing a heel infection

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Draining and de-roofing an infected heel. This Iraqi teenager had stepped on a piece of glass. The village doctor did not clean the wound, and proceeded to s…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 responses on “Draining and de-roofing a heel infection

  1. Ac1DGoD

    That guy thinks its painful now; try pressing a red hot car cigarette
    lighter up up against it at 4:00 for 30 seconds & see how he reacts to
    that! “we can do this the easy way or the hard way; give us a name & we’ll
    let you go, you have my/our; word on it.”

  2. Jessie Selph-Sherry

    I don’t know who I feel worse for: the kid in severe pain, or the medic
    getting shit for trying to make sure his foot doesn’t need to be lobbed

  3. Janicka C

    Wow and the guy daying * he feel nothing hes scare* Are you kidding me !!!
    With that kind of infection and not being numb it must hurt like HELL!

  4. jennifer p-d

    The boys father obviously knew that having our soldiers help was what his
    child needed or he would not have held his son still while calmly
    explaining what was going on. Kudos to the soldier that kept calm while the
    boy was frantic.

  5. acsolares2

    These medical missions were incredibly dangerous as the unit and its
    soldiers had to arrive to the towns via IED laden roads and try and secure
    the area as best as possible. These were done to help local communities.
    This young man was scared but would not have felt this at all as the skin
    was dead and no pressure applied to living tissue. He was given antibiotics
    and wound supplies. All the discussion about pain and speculation about
    this video are not made by experts. Wounds like this MUST be derided i.e.
    cleaned or it will only get worse and work its way to bone and perhaps lead
    to amputation. This young man likely did well because of his youth an good
    baseline health status. No there could not be recurrent “clinic like
    checkups” as this was a combat infantry unit providing urgent care in a
    dangerous combat zone. So please avoid disparaging comments about the
    soldiers or the Iraqi’s. Both are people and humans in an untenable
    situation. Please stop and think compassionately before posting unfounded
    or “funny” cynical comments. Unless you are a medical professional or a
    soldier or civilian having lived in a combat zone, please don’t comment in
    a cavalier fashion.

  6. csilightning

    Our troops are so kind to these folks even though they hate us.
    God bless you for the service to our country. You are our HEROS!

  7. fermin correa

    Wonder if peroxide was poured on to the pus N Dead skin if peroxide was be
    popping N froaming up 

  8. Jack Rosfeld

    Michelle Brewster,
    This is not that same young man. Please read the video description before
    offering your take on the video.