Drop Ceiling Grid n Tile Acoustical Install Video ( Acoustic Pro )

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Drop Ceiling Grid n Tile Acoustical Install Video  ( Acoustic Pro )

Acoustic Pro is an interior construction, suspended ceiling tile and grid company. This is a sample install video of one of our many projects 407-230-7750 Se…
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11 responses on “Drop Ceiling Grid n Tile Acoustical Install Video ( Acoustic Pro )

  1. Joe Myers

    There is a Spectra HV301G Green Beam laser spinning during the entire
    install of this ceiling. The laser is set to spin/pass just below the grid.
    When leveling, I don’t waste time bending the wire with linesmen’s pliers
    to get the perfect bend. I have been doing ceilings so long that I can grab
    the wire and bend it exactly where it needs to slide through the hole. Then
    its leveled so that the laser passes just under the main. When the ceiling
    is done, it looks like a sheet of glass. Best Regards

  2. SFG559

    Hey Acoustic Pro, I just joined the carpenter’s union here in California as
    an acoustical installer. Many times, I need to drill through drywall and
    metal studs in order to secure wires I could not shoot into the roof. I was
    told to pick up an impact driver. I’m afraid it will drill right through
    the drywall, or break the paper. Is there any way to set it so it does not
    drill through drywall, like a drywall gun? Basically I want it to slip when
    it reaches a certain torque. Thanks, nice vid!

  3. Joe Myers

    Hello SFG559, I’m not totally sure I understand your question. I’m assuming
    that your needing to attach wires to a drywall ceiling. If that’s the case,
    the best way to do that is one of two ways. 1. Use an L bracket similar to
    Ramset’s clip n pin for shooting & screw it into the metal stud above the
    drywall. 2. Use a toggle bolt designed for hanging ceiling wires. I’m not
    fond of the toggles This Dewalt drill will work perfect for you (Dewalt
    DCF895 20V Max) It has 3 Speeds. Best Regards

  4. Ronnocbot

    Hi I am 15 and have done a drop ceiling.Just a question, Why are you
    installing a drop cieling under another one? Thanks

  5. macmainuk

    how do you keep your main tee level?? no lazer guide?? different from us in
    uk.. that ceiling will be all over the place. we use pliers also at the
    bend point for the hangers… once we establish a level, with th the hanger
    pushing diagonally toward our start point.. son the grid stays on the trim??

  6. Joe Myers

    The tool is a Ramset TrakFast TF1100. definitely faster than a one shot
    tool. We quit using those about 12 years ago or so. Best Regards!!

  7. Joe Myers

    The owners didn’t want to pay to have the old one removed and they wanted
    the new ceiling lower. Its not an issue. The hanger wires were attached to
    the bar joists not to the pre-existing ceiling. Leaving the old ceiling
    there doesn’t effect anything. That’s coming from someone that has
    installed ceilings and my primary profession for over 20 years and
    thousands and thousands of Sq Ft of it at that. Best Regards!!