Drywall Art Sculpture

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In this video we are joined by special guest Bernie Mitchell from DrywallTalk.com. Bernie is an artist who takes a very unique approach towards his work usin…
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25 responses on “Drywall Art Sculpture

  1. David Coleman

    Here’s an idea. Everybody make a comment on my post so that we knock
    little miss-high-and-mighty off the first spot on this video. What a great
    talent!!! Bernie can smoke and do art in my house any day!

  2. ThimbleStudios

    Great video, impressive work… ruined for me by that one cigarrette. I’m
    going to do a peice like that… not that hard if you ask me, but that guy
    does have the talent!

  3. Jeff W

    Ok…I thought the dude was carving INTO the drywall…this is still
    amazing tho. I want him to do my house!
    and is done with a regular plaster trowel…I can’t even picture a scene
    like that in my head little lone draw…make it out of plaster.

  4. michael Giles

    I think I should win becuase that he made that look a lot easier than
    people saying it’s not that hard 

  5. Rainermusic1

    I have one and very importent question:)
    What is that? That product what he use?
    Is this somekind of Dry mud?

    That work is amazing!!