Drywall Corner Spoon Demo

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How to perform inside drywall corners. The new patented Drywall Corner Spoon makes this simple and easy, from amateur to professional. The Drywall Corner Spo…


Porta de correr para parede drywall. Demonstração e instalação passo a passo. www.lucasin-drywall.blogspot.com Imprensa : ricaluca5@hotmail.com.
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27 responses on “Drywall Corner Spoon Demo

  1. Gianluca Torretta

    If I were a customer, I would never do the job in any of the alleged
    professionals who have commented insulting this man and his wife. Shame on

  2. Anthony Carrera

    I counted 39 strokes to apply mud to vertical angle, then he scraped a
    bunch off before he fucked the angle with that knife. But I understand. I
    am a plasterer.
    oh, leave his poor wife alone. She knows by now. And it is possible to use
    glass tape in angle if you know what you are doing and how to finish,
    without sanding. This is proof the product is d.i.y. wall, any fucken idiot
    can do it. Get some genuine plaster on the job and let’s see what’s what.

  3. AJShez83

    So after using the “spoon” he uses a corner tool and knife anyway?! Just
    use the knife to apply the mud and save wasting your time with the utterly
    useless spoon. This has to be a joke. See Laurier Desormeaux for how to do
    it right. 

  4. Jon Miller

    I haven’t done much drywall myself (I have assisted on many jobs and seen
    it done VERY well by an absolute perfectionist), but this didn’t strike me
    as a very good method. I read over the comments here to check myself in
    case I was mistaken.

    The assholes commenting on this video and insulting this man and his wife
    give all of us in the trades a bad name. Grow up! 

  5. GRJCLyon

    This guy is a fucking hack. Didn’t mix the mud and you can’t tape with a
    spatula! I taped my bedroom before the entire video was over. lol!

  6. TheMakyato

    i quit 15 years ago using the inside corner tape ,same times i use a
    special pvc band but most i use water based mastic (seems like silicon and
    use the same silicon gun) is take like 10 sec for 5 m and no need sanding

  7. guycalleddave

    it kind of looks like fiber mesh is on there, if you look real close
    there’s a lighter color on it…just saying

  8. stevegaines1

    Is this guy fucking serious? Is that his wife recording this shit?! She’s
    just as fucking dumb. Oh my god, I can’t stop laughing. What a fucking

  9. Johnny May

    Is this guy for real?lol. It took him 8 minutes to pull a corner .lol Dude
    ,I sure hope you didnt quit your day job . WOW!.