14 responses on “Drywall Crack Repair – How to Fix Drywall

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    How to patch a settling crack in drywall.
    Drywall Crack Repair – How to Fix Drywall

  2. melodicdreamer72

    Never mind. Even after some heavy sanding the second coat was too rough. I
    guess the project has to carry on for several more days. 🙁

  3. Michelle Duncan

    hi. I was wondering if i would put the tape over the corner or the joint of
    the connecting ceiling and wall. I have crack right along the seams/joints
    of the two walls.

  4. FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

    Hi, If you use a wide knife and pull it smooth, you can sometimes get it
    done in 2 coats. Doing a professional job usually takes 3 coats. Good Luck

  5. Catholicdadof4

    This is the one of the best videos I have seen on repairing dry wall
    cracks. I have 4 little ones and working on repairs they have caused right
    now. Thanks for the direction!

  6. melodicdreamer72

    Are 2 coats enough if the second is feathered out far from the crack? If I
    would have seen your post before getting started I would not have gone with
    the joint compound. Time is running out for this holiday weekend and I have
    to be done by Monday. I’ve watched several other posts and I appreciate you
    showing the extra step of sanding/scraping in-between coats…that is
    another step I missed out on.

  7. FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

    Hi, Yes, you can retape the whole seam and compound both sides. I have a
    video, “how to mud a corner” in our playlist for drywall. If you have a
    thin crack, you can also run a bead of painters caulk along the seam, then
    prime and paint.

  8. FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

    Hi, If the crack is smooth, the paper will cover the crack fine. I’ve found
    that filling the crack does not stop a new crack if there is movement in
    the wall. By covering the crack with drywall tape, even if it does crack
    again, it will be hidden. If there are any rough edges or parts sticking
    up, I would scrape and fill that so it is smooth. Thank for the question.