Drywall Cutting Trick For Corners – Contractor Pro Secrets

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18 responses on “Drywall Cutting Trick For Corners – Contractor Pro Secrets

  1. gregvancom

    This is a response to Gina Lee. Sometimes YouTube won’t let me reply or
    doesn’t provide me with a way to reply to a specific comment. If you don’t
    have a stud, then it will be difficult to attach the drywall. Feel free to
    e-mail me a picture of your problem and my e-mail address can be found at
    my website.

  2. Gina Lee

    Hi, How do you apply drywall to an opening that has no stud?
    I just had my plumbing redone, and a new shower pipe put in, they cut the
    drywall out (A long cut about 8 inches wide and floor to shower height. I
    bought some sheet rock and mud as well as the mesh tape.but there is no
    stud! please help me. thank you.

  3. gregvancom

    You would be surprised at what someone thinks is a fantastic idea and
    others view as common sense. It’s probably too late to go down to the store
    and purchase or rent a drywall screw gun, but it would’ve made the job a
    lot easier. I will see what I can to make a video on this later, but a
    drywall screw gun would be the best solution to your question. I don’t even
    want to talk about the slotted screwdriver, when you mentioned common
    knowledge about my neat little trick:)

  4. gregvancom

    Sounds good, were you replying to someone else’s comments or something I
    said? I was just wondering what we needed to think about and was it
    something I didn’t cover in the video.

  5. machudocajons

    always pull up from bottom first, secondly cut down from top, then across
    top to prevent tear out when you swing sheet rock forward. reach into open
    cut , push blade thru paper and again pull knife up, then down to relieve
    face piece,.. these are moves I have taught to many apprentices.. all w/o
    moving from your initial starting point.. saves time and effort. think
    about it..

  6. AmetdeathA

    Lol I was just kidding about how to use a drill. But I guess a video of
    setting up a collated screwgun would be helpful to some.

  7. AmetdeathA

    i’ve installed about 20 pieces of sheetrock in my life and figured this out
    the first time. thought it was common knowledge. can you make a video of
    how to use a drill? it takes me forever to screw the sheetrock in with a
    slotted screwdriver.