17 responses on “Drywall Finishing Tip – Sunlight Soap

  1. Jamie Scott

    I’m a taper for over 10years. Sunlight soap will bleed threw. Which in
    natural sunlight with show Ur nails and joints. Good tip to get rid of air

  2. Joel Barton

    I am a taper for 25 years. If you do decide to use soap which is
    stupid….. It only take the teaspoon the rest water… A cup of soap are
    you nuts ?????lung cancer for you 

  3. Joel Barton

    Joy is the best! But a good taper does not need that .they came up with no
    pock….because soaphas phosphorus in it it will eventually kill you!!!
    Learn to be a good taper without the cheats.and smooth wall does require a
    third skim and it requires the whole wall to be skin solid..guaranteed no

  4. Squeejeejee Squeejeejee

    Yes, and the soap makes it really easy to sand too. However, the finished
    product will also be very easy to scratch and ruin. So, soap is a very bad
    idea. The homeowner is also going to wonder why it smells like soap. What
    will you tell them. Further, if soap is a good idea, why don’t they
    manufacture it that way? Soap is a bad idea. I’ve tried it. Dawn ultra was
    pretty good with lavender scent. Still, soap is an all around bad idea.
    Pretty amature too! Makes the coated joints too soft. Do it the right way!
    Don’t add soap!

  5. Rob Harrison

    Why not just plaster the lot. You’re obviously skilled enough to do it – it
    wouldn’t take any longer and elimate the need for all that messy sanding to

  6. ashleyhat

    yeah sure man il study science . lifes to short. dick il tell me mom not to
    was the dishes with soap now

  7. Philippe Allaire

    lol, yea I don’t know what got into him lol, hey if you don’t like the
    trick, don’t use it lol

  8. Norm Cameron

    I guess I can blame my health problems on Sunlight soap because I’ve been
    using all my life. I used it as hand soap and in the shower to wash off the
    grease and diesel fuel as well as doing dishes. It’s nice to know my genes
    and our North American diet and habits and industrial exposures are not to
    blame. I think we should sue governments for letting such a dangerous
    product into the household market. Mind you, now that I know it’s made from
    butter, maybe I’ll put it on toast.

  9. Gregory Ring

    Your showing your self to be a true drop out. It’s okay tho, because I
    forget sometimes that most guys in this trade only have a 9th grade
    education, Learn a little science. Try not to be socially retarded.
    Remember even an idiot looks intelligent with his mouth closed.

  10. Gregory Ring

    Wow. do you know what soap is made of. No . Okay then next time just add
    three sticks of butter. stick butter . Its the main property of sunlight

  11. Don Goddard

    Being a painter, I wouldn’t want to follow you into a house. Any soap
    residue left on the wall is going to fisheye my paint and cause me major
    headaches. If you don’t believe me, go paint the area around your shower.
    The residue from you bathing floats around and coats most bathrooms. I
    understand you’re trying to make your life easier, but it’s probably
    messing up the guy coming in behind you.

  12. Gregory Ring

    Use glycerin. your can find this at most stores. Unless you own stocks in
    Sunlight Soap and just like the lemon fresh smell. But really breathing
    soap can cause a a fluid build up in your lung and long term exposure can
    lead to pulmonary edema . You look like a nice kid , but your gonna hurt
    people with you advice.

  13. ashleyhat

    wow phil it doesn’t matter what you do you always find a way to piss
    someone off … lol dickhead below