25 responses on “Drywall Finishing


    Why do the highest sheet first ? do the bottom first and sit the next one
    on top of the lower sheet.
    This is great for roof sheets but pointless for walls.

  2. politicalcanadian

    man, Laurier these are awesome videos. nice job! wish I could hire you in
    Calgary to drywall my basement. 

  3. Celine Bolton

    I know how to do it all. My dad taught me. He’s80 and would still be doing
    if he wasn’t going for his 2 and open heart surgery

  4. Mario Sommarti

    Thank you to share, I just wanted to know if it was possible to use this
    lift for walls and not only for ceilings. Merci et à bientôt.

  5. lucas kreitzer

    tell me i have a wall 22 feet long and 9foot 6 hi can i put a 10 foot by 4
    foot up long way and put 5 of them and i have a ceiling that is 22 foot
    long and 23 wide can i put up 12 foot drywall up and can i do it all the
    same way or do i hafe to stager them

  6. xmchillin

    You pack more no-nonsense info in a short video than anybody I’ve seen on
    you tube. I guess that’s why I just watched about 21 of your 32 videos.

    They’re easy to watch and I don’t have to cringe at listening someone drone
    on and on…I look forward to viewing the rest of your videos and hope you
    will provide more.

    DIY’ers can certainly tackle a drywall project with confidence given the
    info you have provided.

  7. Rui Ferreira

    Mr. Desormeaux, I’m Portuguese, Painting and Drywall Contractor and I live
    and Work in Good Old Germany. I can tell that 2 guys with a lift can do
    250-300m2 ceilings in about 10 Hours. Me and my mate did quite a few
    times… Keep up the good work! THX

  8. 1lolofred

    Suggestion: If I’m going to buy the equipment, how much is it? Renting it ?
    Would it be a lot cheaper to go Uhaul or Home depot sites and buy several
    stools and hire several guys.If you know what I mean..

  9. Nathan Scott

    If you are working with 4×8 sheets (in an 8 foot room) is it better to
    place the drywall vertically? That would give you only top to bottom
    tapered joints to tape, rather than several butt joints and one long
    tapered joint down the middle. My guess it it’s basically a wash but it
    seems like a valid idea.

  10. Laurier Desormeaux

    Thank you! I’m sorry that I don’t have the video that you need. I don’t
    have any jobs that fit that description yet but if one comes up I will try
    to get a video of it.

  11. nbg11070

    Is there someone else that is doint the sanding at your projects, or you do
    such a job that does not require sanding? Do you have a specific order in
    wich you do joints; factory tape joints, corners, butt joints does it
    matter to you wich one you do first of no? Thank you one more time.

  12. Mark S

    But this way you have butt joints, which are difficult to hide. Wouldn’t it
    be easier to hide a finished joint, than a butt joint? My understanding was
    that they do it horizontally because it is easier to work at chest level
    than to tape top to bottom.

  13. GNP PAL

    You know Laurier, you should do some videos on fixing water damage where
    tape becomes loose, from ceiling leaks. Do you cut the whole length out, or
    just the loose part?? Also can you blend in “stipled ceiling” ?? I have a
    house where water leaked a little and wrecked the stiple- only a small
    part. Can you blend it in?? Bye the way, your videos are the best
    Lauier–“by far”- Grant

  14. Lawrence Harasim

    excellent videos i really enjoy watching….more importantly learning!!! I
    have a unique project to do myself lowering a ceiling drywall…first job
    with this kinda work…and any help i greatly appreciate Thanks