Drywall Installation Butt Joint Taping and Second Coat.

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Complete DIY Drywall Finishing How-to Video here: http://wichitafixit.com/drywall-finishing-how-to-video/ Drywall Taping the Butt Joints http://www.wichitafi…
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25 responses on “Drywall Installation Butt Joint Taping and Second Coat.

  1. madman3891

    Lol I find hilarious the people here telling him how to do it..well why
    exactly are you watching a how to video if you already know how to do it.

  2. applejak2000

    You don’t need a slight curve on the blade if you apply pressure to the
    outboard end of the knife, and there will be nearly zero sanding on the
    edges. I know because when I started as an apprentice back in 1975 you
    learn the technique because you sand all the journeyman’s work AND sand all
    your own work thus you eventually learn to run that blade TIGHT to the wall
    every single time so you don’t have to sand much.

  3. Shaun Gallagher

    Dont know why yous folks just dont skim the walls,Far better finish and
    looks more proper than the cheap look of tapping+jointing.

  4. pelvi3a

    why did you not clean off your edges on the butt joint? gonna be hard to
    cover that now with your final coat, you are gonna have to make it really
    wide to kill the hump, plus you are making loads of work for yourself by
    not loading the knife enough, it should of only taking you one pass to
    cover that joint, but whatever floats your boat

  5. TheSprayking

    that thing looked crowned out before he even touched it, and you need to
    show people how to feather the edges, they will sand like crazy!!

  6. WichitaFixIt

    Clean mud is your friend, when it comes to butt joints a wide knife is your
    friend. Do your best to get the trash out of the mud and just make your
    joints as wide as you can. Good luck!

  7. Trix2xploit

    @drywallguy71 Boo! He has made an easy to follow instructional video that
    many people including me have found very helpful. Your just cut because
    your job is not that hard and most handy people can achieve an acceptable
    standard. Thanks for the Video mate keep up the good work!

  8. overdalimit

    Listen!!!! there are several ways at doing EVERYTHING in life! Why are some
    of you so critical when rating or commenting on these videos?? Just skip to
    another video… HELL! it’s thousands of them on YOUTUBE!. then maybe you
    can find one that you DO like! Damn!! It’s called Technique… and this
    happens to be this guys technique.. nothing is etched in stone..

  9. skjones58

    I try to do a lot of projects on my own, I found this video to be easy to
    understand and follow. Thanks!

  10. WichitaFixIt

    Just fill the factory side with mud to make it even with the other side,
    then apply your tape, as you squeeze out the mud make sure you try to keep
    the tape even on both sides, this will make the second coat easier to apply.

  11. WichitaFixIt

    I don’t, after sanding apply a prime coat of paint, after it dries sand
    lightly, this will even out the look from drywall to joints.