25 responses on “Drywall Installation : Drywall Installation: Install Corner Beads

  1. gringo90100

    Damn oll stupid jerks post stupid comments what kind of people you guys are
    ? Has long that the the job get done wtf what kind of drill do you use
    assholes !,,,, like if you were better. See yourself in a mirror before you
    talk bad about oter people´╗┐

  2. eatyerbeans

    @jeffpicks I don’t think that’s a hammer drill, I think that’s the torque
    clutch activating so that the screws don’t go in too strong.

  3. jmr8898

    um metal bead is ancient… bead x my friend, bead x. not to mention, you
    arn’t done with just screwing off the bead. you need to tape metal beads if
    you dont crimp them.

  4. earth2majortom

    Nail holes… Nah, I’ve always used drywall screws, and that sound in not
    an impact mechanism, it’s a torque-adjustable clutch. When a selected
    torque is reached, the clutch slips to prevent over-torquing. When
    slipping, the clutch produces a “click” sound.

  5. dynocompe .

    its a impact drill, its not a torque clutch stopping the screws, provides
    impact so your drill screws in the wood way easier and not stripping heads
    on screws

  6. samtonne

    it’s an impact wrench, it’s supposed to make that noise and does a similar
    job to the clutch on a drill.

  7. Badrat01

    Its obvious you guys don’t have a clue, on what he’s doing,, thet is the
    kind of gun the profesionals use, better control, but it is usually used
    for framing on steel studs,, a scew gun with the adjustable clutch is used
    for hanging board, with a adjustable tip to set the screw at a certain
    depth in the sheetrock for finishing..

  8. INCC74656I

    i did not know there was a taping mud and a finishing mud? whats it matter?
    all the videos i see are these perfectly straight walls and everything
    lines up. what do you do when you have a 1/4-1/2″ gap from wall to ceiling,
    or the corner is so slanted the tape needs to be cut into short lengths to
    stop it from binding and crinkling?

  9. Ed Gonzales

    Not bad. Way better than that Dominick guy. Since the corner bead’s going
    on (fastened every 6″ unless a ‘Joe’), you only have to screw the outside
    drywall corners down every 2′ just to hold in place. On the vid, the
    corners show existing screws every 6″. That’s a waste of time and material.
    The drywall looks a little wonky. There should never be a filler piece in
    the horiz. mid span. Throw any junk at the floor level where the baseboards
    will cover.

  10. surfhmr24

    Lol, thats the first thing I thought. He probably slammed a Monster “BFC”
    and two expresso shots prior to the shoot.