Drywall Installation : Drywall Installation: Install Insulation

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Before installing drywall, it is important to install insulation for temperature control and sound-proofing. Install insulation with drywall with tips from a…

How To Repair Drywall - Small Hole - Build.com

How to fix a hole in drywall. A hole in your drywall is not the end of the world. Follow Milan Rosan of Build.com as he shows you the simple and easy way to …
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Students Hanging Drywall, Bemidji State University
Image by CERTs
Bemidji State University: Beavers Cut More Than Trees! Students here hanging drywall. Photo by Erika Bailey-Johnson. Location: Bemidji, Beltrami County. Part of the Energy Action Photo Drive.

47 responses on “Drywall Installation : Drywall Installation: Install Insulation

  1. Toronto TO

    I would never let this dude or dudette do my house.Its funny the installers
    are wearing mask and helium boy is not…….

  2. AcadianFragz

    poeple are so stupid complaining about the voice of a person i think that
    just childish you should keep your idiot coments of your self guys

  3. SunnyMoon2010

    Out of 300 million + people in this country, “EXPERT VILLAGE” found some
    “unique” people to do instructional video.


    have your balls dropped? I’m interested to know why you sound like a woman?
    are you a post-op? Thanks bye

  5. irich62

    that’s a woman! “Ya don’t want anyone hearing your turds plopping into the
    toilet so we are going to install insulations”!

  6. scooby1969doo

    R-19 will not insulate better in a 3.5″ (2×4 construction) wall cavity than
    R-13. Compressing the insulation does not increase heat or cold transfer
    resistance, it is actually the dead airspace you are creating by place the
    batts in the wall. By compressing it to much you can actually decrease the
    efficiency of you insulating materials.

  7. shawn mask

    He needs to learn the proper way and should not be giving out advice on
    boarding/taping,But insulting someone on a personal level is ignorant I bet
    he has a good work ethic and would be an excelent boarder or taper if shown
    the correct way

  8. 12dollacigarette

    @filcox NOT the guy talking… film it, then record audio separately. a
    little more work, but safe and effective. fiberglass plays hell on lungs

  9. Bill Foster

    @camelchute99 I am not saying that this guy is good but people should learn
    to keep there rude comments to themselves. If your such an expert “Bubba”
    then why are you watching a how-to video? makes alot of sense. Also I don’t
    see you making a video on how to put in drywall. If your such an expert
    show this guy up and put up a video showing your Techniques. I bet you feel
    real mad if people made fun of your video. If its not constructive
    criticism its not worth anything keep that in mind “Bubba”

  10. onthebay1

    I’m doing this right now in my bathrooms after removing old light fixtures.
    There are two holes per light that are slightly less than an inch but they
    go completely through the sheet rock. I have run into several problems
    though. First, when I just used the drywall tape only and applied spackle
    (DryDex Spackle & Nail Hole Filler in a tube), the spackle creates a
    checkerboard pattern over the hole like air pressure is pushing out the wet
    spackle. So on the few I have completed so far, I used a small metal patch
    over the hole, covered that with tape, then spackle. The problem w/ that
    method is it poofs out too far. Also, after sanding, the edge of the
    spackle is still very visible all the way around. Is the type of spackle
    I’m using the problem or is that just something I have to live with? Any
    suggestions on how I can make this look better would be greatly

  11. maggiedix

    I think I can fix my hole this way, but it’s in a rental property and we
    don’t have any extra of the original paint. It’s a peach color. Any ideas
    on how to choose a paint to paint over the spackle?

  12. Kyle Copeland

    To everyone talking about how to put the nail in there, you don’t. If it
    goes through you missed a stud….

  13. archhangell

    I made a hole which is little more than 2 inches wide…..but it is less
    than 2 inches perpendicular to its width…i hope this tip can solve it.

  14. archhangell

    i was pulling off a nail against the wall and completely forgot that it is
    a dry wall and not a hard one…and while pulling the nail out…i buried
    the hammer’s head in the wall :(

  15. K13Good

    what if i have two small holes about 1-3inches apart. should i follow this
    video or follow the large hole video instead? now when you say paint do you
    mean only to paint the area you fixed or would you have to re paint the
    entire wall?

  16. alec woodward

    @blackbone330 It’s hole not whole, lol. You don’t call people ass wholes
    you call them ass holes haha. Just letting you know buddy lol.

  17. mosa

    I have a small hole on my bathroom since I failed to clue a stuff for the
    hand towells. The thing is it’s small , like one finger and a half can
    enter on it. If I use this method with a compound for interior and
    exterior, will I be able to reclue in the same place… Unfortunetly it was
    a perfect and only place to hang hand towells, and I have no choice that
    reuse it….

  18. Build.com

    It should work just fine. But be sure to attach a door bumper so the knob
    doesn’t pop through again. There are also bumper products (Wall Guards) you
    mount on the wall that, might cover the hole. Thats if you’re looking for a
    quick fix. I highly recommend checking out build.com for bumpers. We have a
    huge selection to match your decor.

  19. bingqing li

    hey I rent a apartment now, and got a small hole like in your video on the
    wall. I am wondering should I tell the manager and ask them to fix it(may
    get charged) or should I just buy tapes and repair it by myself.. Which way
    do you think has less cost? thx;)

  20. twofsandtwogs

    I had a towel rack anchored into the wall that was ripped out accidentally
    leaving a small hole (about the size in the video). Once repaired in this
    fashion, can it be anchored back into the same spot?