Drywall Installation : Drywall Installation: Measure & Cut

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Measure the area for drywall installation, and cut the drywall. Measure for installing drywall with tips from a licensed contractor in this free video on hom…
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25 responses on “Drywall Installation : Drywall Installation: Measure & Cut

  1. leslie6779

    and your “real contractor” sub contracted who???exactly! Mexicans, why?
    because you people don’t know how to do anything….by the way. do you know
    where “The” Mexico is?…according to your own brilliant people, you won’t
    know unless you have a map!

  2. piritog

    I know he’s trying to inform people but informing people also means
    teaching proper techniques. Although using a sawzall might seem faster, it
    doesn’t seem very practical or safe.

  3. dthompson7373

    Am I stupid? That’s a laugh coming from someone who has an educational
    background that limits them to hanging dry wall for a living. It’d be nice
    if people like you actually provided intelligent advice instead of turning
    youtube into a compilation of name calling and penis comparing .

  4. donotresussitate

    You guys think this is bad? You should see the pile of sheets they had to
    throw away that he ruined trying to cut out this one box. It took Okalez 6
    times to cut one the right length.

  5. Paul Price

    sawsal for dry wall, table saw must not have been available ­čÖé just
    joking. Thanks for posting and putting yourself out there. That takes guts.

  6. donepearce

    You just know you’re going to see him on TV news one night charged with
    murder because “Jeezus told me ta do it”.

  7. immaxbuddy

    I came on here to learn??? I can teach this guy. Using a Sawzall for
    sheetrock?, come on now! They make littrle sheetrock saws for the outlets,
    faster, safer. What’s next a sledgehammer to drive in a finishing nail.

  8. arcjay1

    This guy is a total spaz. He would definitely not win America’s Next
    Handyman. Mike Holmes would ax him just for using the recip saw on the
    drywall. Hahaha

  9. don carson

    I thought that’s what the back of the drywall hatchet was for, but
    seriously I had great success for 26 yrs using routers, but a friggin
    sawzall! !